To make interacting with their chatbot easier, OpenAI has introduced Custom Instructions for ChatGPT users. This means that users do not have to repeatedly write the same directions for the chatbot every time they engage with it.

For example, they can save instructions like "Please keep the response under 1,000 words" or "Ensure a formal tone for the response."

chatgptcustom instructions

Going forward, ChatGPT will take into account any personalized instructions you provide for each conversation. Consequently, you do not need to keep repeating these instructions as the system will integrate them into every conversation response.

Obviously, it's an upgrade. Nonetheless, people utilize ChatGPT for numerous broad topics, not just the conversational limitation of one. Example being discussions or exchange about coding skills, product management, daily matters, or completely different projects.

chat gpt custom instructions

Is ChatGPT Custom Instructions available for free?

Plus users can start using custom instructions today by opting into the beta for custom instructions:

  • On web, click on your name → Settings → Beta features → enable Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in the menu when you click on your name going forward.
  • On iOS, go to Settings → New Features → turn on Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in settings.

Also note that this feature is not available in the UK and EU yet.

Is ChatGPT Custom Instructions really good though?

The current user interface of ChatGPT is somewhat restricting for several custom instructions.

It could have offered you the freedom to either select from existing or compose new custom command sets for every conversation, with easy switching and creation functions.

It could essentially rely on contextual awareness to differentiate between situations like code development, project management or business strategy while considering which identity, or perhaps even multiple identities, you choose to portray.

This is like imagining a future where you could adopt a diversity of virtual personas.

Well, that future is already here with us.

Better Alternative: TextCortex Individual Personas

ZenoChat can be fully personalized with the "Individual Personas" feature to adapt to the specific needs of users. You can use your personas for variety of purposes to meet your customized needs and switch between your personas wherever you are on the internet. Use our browser extension to write emails, engage with people on social media or type an essay in your own style!

Your personal intelligence adapts to your unique communication style and needs, making you an immediate executor of your ideas.

Tailor artificial intelligence experience with your unique inputs, and style, revolutionizing the way you create, communicate and collaborate.

How to create your individiual persona?

Quite simple. You go to the Individiual Personas tab once you've logged in, and add your persona in one of the slots.

chatgpt custom instructions

Give your persona a name and define a short bio for it. This will help your AI to impersonate the figure you want to create.

Pro Advice!

When creating the bio for your persona, keep the following categories in mind:

  1. Vision & Values: What vision and values are you following?
  2. Audience: Who is your intended audience? Are they internal or external? What language do they speak?
  3. Tone and Style: What tone and style should be used when communicating with this audience? Are you communicating in a friendly or formal tone?
  4. Branding Guidelines: Are there any specific branding guidelines that need to be followed when creating marketing materials for this organization? Are you going above and beyond in communication or stay right at the point?
  5. Channels: Which platform are you communicating? Are you writing formal emails or enthusiastic tweets?

Here is an example of how a persona background could look like:

Persona Background:

Dominik is one of the co-founders of TextCortex, his second tech company. He was born and raised on German funfairs and sold sausages and fries from young years on. As a teenager he earned pocket money by selling digital items a decade before NFTs were a thing. He is an active member of the tech startups scene for almost a decade as a venture capitalist and a founder.

Values he follows:

- honesty is crucial for growth
- fast experimentation to find where true value can be found
- value creation at all cost
- resourceful in advices
- putting himself into the shoes of the other side
- considerate and reflective

After entering all the introductory fields for your persona, you can then insert 3 text samples to provide further context for your persona. This is quite important as your AI will imitate the style, the tone and the general structure of the given input to meet the standards of your persona.

Once you are done, you can set a default persona for your writing style and/or change it on the fly.