ChatGPT is a useful tool to complete various tasks and make our lives easier in both business and daily life. One of the tasks it is functional for is analysing large datasets and generating meaningful insights. However, ChatGPT is not professional in completing these tasks alone. To make it professional, you need to use plugins. If you do not know which plugins will turn ChatGPT into a data scientist, we've got you covered.

In this article, we will explain what ChatGPT plugins are and explore the best ones for data science.


  • ChatGPT is a tool that can help with various tasks, including data science.
  • Since ChatGPT is not perfect for data science tasks, you need plugins to make it more professional and functional.
  • The best ChatGPT plugins for data science are WebPilot, ScholarAI, Diagrams, Show Me, ChatWithGit, and NoteAble.
  • If you are looking for an AI tool that can complete all your data science tasks without requiring you to install any third party plugins, TextCortex is designed for you.

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are upgrades that make it smarter and more functional. While ChatGPT is one of the best large language models, it is not designed to complete specific tasks. You have two options to complete specific tasks with it: prompting and plugins.

How do ChatGPT Plugins Help You?

By using ChatGPT plugins, you can adapt them to specific tasks and facilitate the process of your tasks. For example, if you want to analyse your PDF documents quickly, you can install a plugin such as AskYourPDF. ChatGPT allows you to use up to three plugins at once, and you can install as many plugins as you want.

How to Use ChatGPT Plugins?

To use ChatGPT's plugins, you must first activate the plugins by going to the "Beta Features" tab in your account settings. 

best chatgpt plugins for data science

Afterwards, you can access the plugin store by selecting the GPT-4 model and clicking on the drop-down arrow. Now all you must do is install the plugin you want to use.

chatgpt plugins for data scientists

When you install any plugin, two things could happen: it will install instantly, or you will direct a third-party website to connect your OpenAI account.

Is It Free to Use ChatGPT Plugins?

Although most of ChatGPT's plugins are free to use, you must purchase OpenAI's Plus subscription to use them. The Plus subscription gives you access to GPT-4 as well as other premium OpenAI features for $20 per month.

5 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Data Science

Among the ChatGPT plugins, there are those that can help you complete your data science tasks. As you know, data science allows you to analyse large datasets and analyse meaningful insights for businesses. Let us take a closer look at the best ChatGPT plugins for data science.


WebPilot is a ChatGPT plugin that allows you to chat with web pages. With this plugin, you can enter a URL in ChatGPT and request specific information or ask questions. Using this plugin, you can translate, summarize, rewrite the webpage, and collect the data you want. You can also chat with your PDFs by inputting the URL of your PDF documents into ChatGPT.

chatgpt plugins for data scientist


ScholarAI is a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to quickly access 40+ million peer-reviewed studies and research papers. If you want to collect reliable and accurate data, we recommend adding ScholarAI to the ChatGPT plugin belt. To install ScholarAI, you need to create a third-party website account and authorize it with your OpenAI account. Afterward, you can access the abstract, name, and link of peer-reviewed studies related to your input.

best chatgpt plugins for data science

Diagrams: Show Me

If you want to visualize the data you collect and make it easy to understand, Diagrams: Show Me is a ChatGPT plugin designed for you. Simply provide a dataset and type a prompt then watch the magic happen.

show me chatgpt plugin


ChatWithGit is a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to improve their coding skills by providing relevant GitHub context. If you are tired of searching for code on GitHub for hours and want to speed things up, the ChatWithGit plugin is designed for you.

chatwithgit plugin


NoteAble is a ChatGPT plugin that allows you to crate notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown formats. Using it, you can analyse and visualize data by giving commands in a conversational format and even train machine learning models.

noteable plugin

TextCortex – All-in-One AI Assistant

Do not want to install any plugins to complete your data science tasks? Your solution is TextCortex AI. TextCortex is a multifunctional AI assistant that you can use to complete various tasks including data science. Using TextCortex, you can analyse your documents, generate text, improve the quality of your existing texts, and much more. It is available as a web application and browser extension. TextCortex browser extension is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so it can support you anywhere and anytime.

Data Science with ZenoChat

TextCortex comes with ZenoChat, which can be your personal conversational assistant to meet your various needs. There are two ways to use ZenoChat for data science tasks.

The first method of using ZenoChat for data science is research. Zeno comes with a web search feature with Internet, Scholar, Wikipedia, News, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter options. By using this feature, you can collect reliable data and speed up your research process. You can also collect information on web pages by providing links to Zeno.

The second way to use ZenoChat for data science tasks is to analyse your documents. Thanks to our “Knowledge Bases” feature, you can upload or connect your datasets to ZenoChat and enable it to use the data you provide while generating output. Thus, you can analyse your datasets in a conversational format and generate insights that will improve your business.

Automate Your Data Science Tasks

If you want to automate all data science tasks of your business, you should try our Zapier integration. You can connect your TextCortex account with Zapier and manage all your tasks via ZenoChat. In this way, you can increase your productivity and automate tedious and repetitive data analysis tasks.

How to Get Start with TextCortex?

To start using TextCortex and its unique features, all you need to do is create your free TextCortex account. Afterwards, you can try all the capabilities of TextCortex using your twenty free creations per day and create a pricing plan that fits your budget with our pay-as-you-go pricing plan!