OpenAI's chatbot, ChatGPT, has introduced a new feature called "custom instructions" that allows users to provide the bot with information about themselves that it can use to respond to their queries more efficiently.

What is this ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature?

This feature is currently in beta and is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers worldwide except in the UK and EU.

chatgpt custom instructions

We know that ChatGPT does not have much information about users. Therefore, this feature is designed to help users avoid having to provide the same information repeatedly whenever they have to generate something personal in a specific tone.

How can you use custom instructions?

Custom instructions can be added to ensure that the bot provides accurate recommendations based on specific needs, such as cooking for a family of six or coding in a preferred language.

chat gpt custom instructions

These instructions act as a permanent introduction to the user's queries, eliminating the need for lengthy context and information. However, creating and interpreting these instructions can add complexity to the query, potentially leading to incorrect or fabricated information.

Custom instructions might be more dynamic and interactive. You should be telling ChatGPT about you and it should be learning about you simultaneously, and all that information should be easy to access and tweak to your liking.

How safe is it to provide personal information?

OpenAI is also looking to make sure that your custom instructions can’t override the system’s safety tools. The company says it will try to remove any personally identifying information from your instructions and your queries.

Isn't there a better alternative already?

Yes, there is. ZenoChat has had this personalization feature for months! TextCortex offers its users full control over AI interactions and provides them with a fully customized experience.

Individiual Personas by TextCortex

Your personas serve multiple purposes and can meet your specific needs, allowing you to change between them while browsing the internet. With the help of our browser extension, you can compose emails, type an email in your preferred style on more than 4000 platforms.

Immerse yourself with a customized AI experience designed for you & your needs. And this doesn't end here! 

Knowledge Bases by TextCortex

This powerful addition to our platform will allow you to upload your own documents and retrieve information from them directly within ZenoChat, making your AI companion even more versatile and useful.

Once your files have been uploaded, head over to ZenoChat and locate the "Enable Search" button. By toggling this on, you'll be able to use the uploaded Knowledge Base as the base information for AI responses.

custom instructions for chat gpt

That's it! You're now ready to harness the full power of our new Knowledge Bases feature. In case you upload multiple documents, Zeno will search through all of them to fetch you the most relevant information.

Here's a small example of what you can do with it! ⬇️

chat gpt custom instructions

You can even upload a 200-page PDF document and fetch information from it in 3 seconds. Now combine it with your Individiual Persona and harness the power to the fullest!