Presentations are a highly effective method of communicating a topic or idea to a community. Their visual appeal, ability to engage the audience, simplicity in conveying complex information, persuasive impact, and conveyance of professionalism make them a top choice for communication.

However, preparing a high-quality and interesting presentation may be a more difficult and complex process than it seems. Fortunately, you can speed up the entire process by using AI tools and even complete the entire task in a few clicks with AI-powered presentation tools.

In this article, we will discover the best AI tools that will help you in your presentations.

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  • Presentations are an effective way to communicate with audiences due to their engaging visuals and ability to simplify complex information.
  • If you want to easily prepare high-quality and interesting presentations, AI-powered presentation tools are designed for you.
  • One of the best AI-powered presentation tools is Tome AI, with its advanced text and image generation capabilities.
  • If you are looking for an AI tool designed specifically for creating presentations, we recommend you try Gamma.
  • If you are looking for an AI assistant to support you in all your professional or daily tasks, including presentations, TextCortex is the way to go.

What is AI Powered Presentation Tools?

Unlike traditional presentation tools, AI-powered presentation tools are AI solutions that automate most tasks, such as visual and text production, slide layout, and slide animation, leaving a minimal workload for the user. With AI-powered presentation tools, it is possible to complete presentations that would take 10 hours to prepare manually in less than an hour.

Advantages of AI Powered Presentation Tools 

AI-powered presentation tools provide their users with a significant advantage in terms of time-saving. The process of manually preparing a presentation can be tedious and time-consuming, taking several hours to complete. With AI-powered tools, this time can be minimized, allowing you to allocate that saved time to more important aspects of the presentation. It's worth noting that the preparation of the presenter also plays a crucial role in the success of a presentation, making time-saving tools all the more valuable.

3 Best AI Tools for Presentation Assistance in 2024

If you want to prepare a presentation and are looking for an AI tool that will reduce your workload and skyrocket your productivity, we've got you covered. Let's take a closer look at the best AI tools that help you in presentations.

1- TextCortex AI

TextCortex is an AI assistant that aims to meet a wide range of needs of its users with various AI features. TextCortex aims to support you not only in your presentations but also in your daily tasks and professional tasks. TextCortex offers its users AI solutions such as research, text generating, paraphrasing, editing, grammar & spelling fixing, and image generating.

AI for presentations

ZenoChat Image Generation

ZenoChat is not limited to just web search and text generation capabilities, it can generate DALL-E 3 powered AI images. If you are looking for a unique and creative visual to use in any of your tasks, including presentations, ZenoChat can be your savior. Utilizing ZenoChat to generate DALL-E 3 powered AI images is a simple process, here is how:

  • Create your free TextCortex account
  • Open the TextCortex web application
  • Click on "ZenoChat" from the left menu
  • Enable image generation
  • Type your prompt and hit "Generate"

2- Tome AI Presentation Desk

If you are looking for an AI tool designed to generate presentations, we recommend that you keep Tome AI on your radar. Tome AI is an AI-powered presentation tool designed to generate engaging and visually appealing presentations. Thanks to Tome AI, you can combine generative AI with presentation elements and reduce your workload.

Tome AI Features

The first feature that Tome AI offers to its users is its AI-powered presentation desk. This feature allows users to generate presentations containing text and images simply by prompting. Afterwards, you can edit the presentations you have obtained and download your final work.

Tome AI offers its users a wide range of AI templates, including presentations. These AI templates are designed for presentation-based tasks. Some of the Tome AI's templates include;

  • Sales Pitch
  • Company All Hands
  • Product Design Review
  • Freelance Pitch
  • Resume
  • Work Portfolio
  • Job Description
  • Marketing Site
  • Team Meeting
  • Photo Album

Tome AI Pricing

Tome AI offers three pricing plans that give users access to different features: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic pricing plan gives access to limited features and is free to use. The Tome AI Professional pricing plan gives access to features such as AI generation, customized branding, and 100+ AI templates, and charges $20 per month. The Tome AI Enterprise pricing plan offers customizable AI features and templates.

tome ai pricing

3- Gamma AI

Gamma is an ideal AI-powered presentation tool for those seeking high-quality presentations with a variety of designs. Its focus solely on presentation generation coupled with its user-friendly features make it a preferred choice. Additionally, its pricing is fair and reasonable.

Gamma Features

Gamma offers its users the feature of generating presentations from text, documents, or prompts. After you choose your presentation-generating method, you need to choose how many slides it will contain in total. Afterwards, Gamma will generate an outline for you.

gamma ai features

In this outline, you can select the presentation's audience, tone, text density, image type, and format from the advanced settings, and customize the topic of each slide. Then, you can choose the theme of your slide by clicking the "Continue" button and prepare your presentation in a few minutes by hitting the "Generate" button.

gamma ai features

Once you get your AI-powered presentation via Gamma, you can edit it from the menu on the left, add media such as videos and images, embed it in webpages or apps, or download it with the share button.

Gamma Pricing

Gamma AI provides 400 free credits for its users to try the AI-powered presentation tool. If you want to use Gamma at full performance, you need to subscribe to one of its pricing plans. Gamma AI offers three pricing plans to its users: Free, Plus, and Pro. The Gamma Plus pricing plan allows you to generate presentations of up to 15 slides, unlimited AI tool use, and access to basic AI art generators such as Stable Diffusion XL.

Gamma AI pricing

The Gamma Pro pricing plan gives you access to everything the Plus plan provides, plus longer AI inputs, presentation generation of up to 30 slides, and premium AI image generators like DALL-E 3.