Did you know that 45% of customers will stop purchasing from a business after a bad experience? 

There is a massive distinction between strategies to generate new leads, turn them into customers, and keep them loyal — these are all vital parts of the sales funnel.

It is a fatal mistake to claim a permanently "done deal" after a customer's first purchase.

And while many marketers focus on sales and marketing, they overlook the crucial aspect of their business — the customers' experience.

Satisfied customers will bring positive testimonials, spread the word about your brand, and keep coming back to buy more — everything one business strives for.

Today, we will teach you how to improve customer experience to keep them loyal to your brand while establishing a long-term return on investment (ROI) in the process.

Let's dive in!

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is impression your customers have after interaction with your brand as they progress through thesales funnel.

If you are buying stuff online, you probably remember questions such as:

  • What can our company do to meet your requirements better?
  • How pleased are you with our products and services?
  • What are your most difficult challenges?
  • Why did you choose us above the others?

These are key questions that any serious organization employs to determine the customer experience following a brand engagement.

Why Is Customer Experience Important?

If we want to establish a strong brand with long-term relationships with our devoted customers, we must prioritize the customer experience.

That is because the recommendation of satisfied customers is the best testimonial for a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Such a reputation leads to more customers, a long-term increase in revenue, and greater market authority.

Most Common Reasons For Bad Customer Experience

Here are the most common reasons for bad customer experience:

  • Wrong priorities — Focusing your business strategy only on one aspect (sales, marketing, etc.)
  • Not building your website reputation — Blogs are a great asset in establishing a reputation on the market. A blog conversion funnel is an excellent way of educating and converting your leads.
  • Disregarding customers' feedback — Complaints are part of the business world. Learning from mistakes is the safest and fastest way to improve your business.
  • Lack of presence on social media platforms — Not following copywriting trends is equal to disregarding customers' needs. Social media ads and reviews are a great tool to raise your brand's visibility and boost your reliability.
  • Not engaging with customers — Writing engaging content for your audience is part of your brand's image. Engagement will be minimal to nonexistent if you don't provide your targeted audience with high-quality content.

Let’s find out what you can do to avoid such a mistakes and create brand that will stand out.

8 Ways to Reinvent Customer Experiences To Attract Loyal Customers And Boost Your Revenue

1. Keep Your Offer Up to Date

One of the most important things when managing an online business is to keep your offering up to date because people rely on the information you provide about your offerings.

It is the first step in establishing a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

Here are some tips on how to keep your offer up to date:

Tip #1. Maintain the current stock information 

Stock information is important factor in purchase decision. 

For example, what if the brand has a cellphone that you like but need to order two?

Stock information doesn’t clarify that only one is available. 

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to find that out only when you receive your delivery?

Updating stock information will help you avoid needless customer annoyance and apology emails regarding unreliable tracking.

Tip #2. Write product titles that match your products or services

Product titles are the first thing your customers get to know about your product. 

By providing consistent and accurate product titles to your offering, you will ensure customers always get the product they are searching for. 

Additionally, product titles will help you rank better in search queries and sales categories.

Tip #3. Create product descriptions with valuable information about the product and service

When purchasing online, people make decisions about products and services based on what they see and read about specific products or services your brand offers. 

Therefore, it is essential to always provide extensive service and product descriptions to your customers that include relevant information about your offerings.

Tip #4. Provide new or limited product editions 

In addition to your regular listings, it is always a wise business decision to provide something new and fresh. 

Limited editions are an excellent way of testing how your customers would respond to certain products or services you want to lunch.

Pro Tip: Writing product titles and product descriptions can be repetitive and tedious work.

You can utilize AI copywriting tools, such as TextCortex, to reduce your writing time.

For example, just enter your product title and a few word idea, define product features through bullets, and hit "Expand" button.

Once you get your product description, you can modify it in TextCortex’s editor canvas.

Later, you can save this template as a project for future use and twerk changes accordingly for new and fresh product description updates.

2. Incorporate Easy Checkout

When you think about it, there is nothing more frustrating than having thousands of useless steps on your way to checkout.

For instance, deciding to buy something online is rarely a 1000% decisive step.

Customers are overthinking the color, the size, the material, the fit, and more to the never-ending list.

And if you add to that decision-making process annoying and unnecessary steps on customers' way to checkout, you increase the chances of cart abandonment.

Instead, optimize your website for easy conversions — work on your website architecture, technical and on-page SEO, etc.

For example, you can incorporate easy checkout in the form of a CTA button:

As you can see in the example above, these two CTA buttons provide customers with two comfortable choices — buy now or continue shopping.

Pretty convenient, right?

3. Be Receptive to the Questions and Concerns

Once you are in the selling industry, there are plenty of reasons customers will have grounds to reach out.

The first and most important rule of online shopping is that giving money away is a difficult decision for consumers, especially for companies with whom they have never done business.

Consider the following scenario —  you purchased the incorrect thing for a high price.

How would you feel if there is no response on your change of order or refund status? Frustration over the roof.

Let’s take a look what are the average customer’s expectations when interacting with companies via social media:

Furthermore, studies suggest that nearly 79% of buyers would abandon their order if customer support were unresponsive.

By being responsive to customers' concerns and questions, you are giving them a reason to believe that you are a reliable brand that puts customers' needs first.

4. Utilize Customer Suggestions

Did you know that only 17% of customers believe online businesses listen to their feedback?

Wouldn't this be the advantage you might employ for your business to win over your competitors?

Let us help you — absolutely, yes. 

Feedback is not just some polite feature on famous brands' websites. It is there for a reason.

Your customers are the best source of information you can use to improve your business.

Moreover, customers' feedback can give you plenty of hints about what else to include in your offering to improve your website traffic, visibility, and conversion rates. 

And you get all that feedback for $0.

Leveraging customer suggestions demonstrate your appreciation for your customers, reflects your respect for their ideas and makes them feel heard.

5. Foster Exclusivity

Exclusivity is another form of creating a sense of urgency — exclusive offers are limited only to people that will satisfy a given condition.

For example, flash sales are a great tactic for creating urgency, like in the example below:

A countdown timer is a powerful approach to triggering the FOMO effect (fear of missing out). 

That approach can help you engage your leads and customers and persuade them to take specific actions.

6. Crate Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is perhaps the most iconic customer satisfaction tactic.

People like to identify with a brand they choose as their favorite. 

Not to mention that a ‘loyalty badge’ gives people a sense of belonging, recognition, and achievement.

If you reword your customers for coming back, they will most definitely continue to do so. 


People find that approach as a sign of appreciation of their money, trust, and choice

Here is how Starbucks’ loyalty program looks like:

Besides, ‘loyalty recognition’ as part of your business strategy will give your customers a sense of security

With their money involved in interaction with your brand, this is an essential element you want to keep in mind when building your solid loyalty program.

7. Nurture Your Customers

And now that you have the loyalty program, it is not enough just to give your customers a badge and wait for them to come for a second round, right?

Your loyal members expect that you will remind them about the good stuff coming up, such as free gifts, discounts, new features or products, etc.

Nurturing emails are an excellent way to maintain your relationship with your customers and attract new ones.

8. Monitor Your Success

And finally, now that you have all covered, there is one last step to keep loyal customers coming down the pipe — monitoring your success.

We live in an era where business strategies keep developing at high speed. Thus, keeping track of our marketing activities is critical to staying at the top of the game.

For example, by tracking the bounce rate on your website, you can analyze and modify some gaps driving your customers away.

Those distractions can be in the form of a broken page, wrong product description, misleading links, etc.

The sooner you address the cart or page abandonment source, the less influence it will have on your conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

Even if it may seem simple, learning how to impress your consumers is not an easy task.

On the other hand, learning which phases are crucial to the customer experience will help you grow your business without starting from scratch.

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