Did you know that over 60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy through sales?

The number of people buying things, visiting a website, or filling out forms on the web increases exponentially every year.

Regardless of how amazing your writing talents are, there is no one-size-fits-all way to write excellent copy that attracts more traffic to your website.

The good news is that there is a wide range of copywriting tools on the market that you can use to cut down on your writing time while still producing up to 10x faster content that converts.

The only question remains — Which one is the best copywriting software for you?

If you're looking to create engaging content and you want to do it effortlessly, check out our top 6 copywriting tools.

But first, we'll go through key qualities to look for when searching for the best copywriting solution for your business.

Let's get into it!

Why Should You Use Copywriting Software?

To get SEO algorithms to recognize your content as the best response to specific search queries, you need to understand how people search for particular items.

Likewise, we need to think about which actions we should encourage in our copy and how to write great sentences and paragraphs that intrigue readers to take the desired action.

Here is where copywriting software jumps in — they help us craft copy that converts and get people to take actions we want.

By implementing copywriting tools in your workflow, you can:

But with so many options, you need a copywriting tool that doesn't require a massive budget or experience to start, and that will shake up your sales funnel and help your content go viral.

Let's look at features to consider while selecting the best copywriting software.

Which Features You Should Look For In The Copywriting Software?

Like many marketers, you're constantly searching for the best copywriting software. 

But when I say 'best,' I mean ease of use and speed, but the ease of use combined with the appropriate features makes it more efficient and effective.

When considering which copywriting software to utilize in your business, here's a list of the key features to look for:

  • AI templates — Preset writing forms for different long and short-form content types.
  • Sustainability — A consistent, high-quality level of output without repetition.
  • Natural-sounding output — Creating content that sounds like it came from a human.
  • SEO-optimization — Generates keyword-based sentences or paragraphs.
  • Paraphrasing option — Rephrasing sentences for better context.
  • Extending option – Allows full control over the length of the text.
  • Summarizing option — Summarizes text to sound more compelling.
  • Plagiarism-free generation — Produces unique and original content.
  • Correct Grammar and spelling — Generates output without typos and grammar errors.
  • Multilingual content creation — Creates content in multiple different languages.

Based on these features, we'll show you the best 6 copywriting software tools that can assist you with your daily writing routine, improve your content's performance, and boost your rankings.

To better decide which copywriting software can fit your needs in the long run, we did an analysis for each of them separately.

Let's check them out!

6 Best Copywriting Software To Help you Work Faster And Craft Killer Copy 

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is the go-to tool for any writing approach that has to produce copies at scale while maintaining the same high quality on each creation.

Unlike GPT-3 module-based AI assistants, our models learn from a knowledge base of over 3 billion sentences of best use-case practices.

TextCortex AI writers generate text from those use-cases using complicated algorithms to produce consistent human-like output that is plagiarism-free.

Nonetheless, our AI writers can understand the context when generating content thanks to the machine learning process.

TextCortex will create content for you in seconds, whether you need to write blog posts, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, or simply rewrite your sentence.


✅ 72+ Languages — Create your content in more than 70 different languages.

✅ Sustainable — Our models require less energy to produce text with different levels of complexity.

✅ Native content creation — AI writers generate content that has natural, human-like output.

✅ Extender on demand — You can extend your predicted content according to your needs.

✅ Long-form generator — Our models can write 3x as much text as GPT-3 models, based on billions of sentences' knowledge base.

✅ All-in-one tool — Apart from the rewriting, expanding, and shortening sentences, you can automatically generate product descriptions, titles, blog posts, emails, and ads.


⛔ Not completely perfect UI – The generation of high-quality content is the primary emphasis of our development. We are, however, working on a new, more comfortable UI that will support a positive user experience.


TextCortex offers 2 pricing plans: Unlimited and Lite plans starting at $5.59.

textcortex pricing

Best for: Marketers and copywriters looking for solutions to automate their writing process and produce high-quality content at scale.

2. Copy.ai


Copy.ai is a copywriting software that uses the latest artificial intelligence language technology called GPT-3, which uses deep learning to create human text.

Their service focuses on crowdsourcing content that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content no longer than two paragraphs long.

They can, for example, produce product descriptions, social media posts and advertising, website copy, sales copy, and email material in a couple of moments.

People who need compelling sales copy and email content that isn't too wordy turn to Copy.ai to write short and sweet articles.


Intuitive dashboard – You may use the easy dashboard to establish separate projects, generate content ideas, and draft your articles.

Various features — Copy.ai provides several features that can assist you in creating desired content, including a sentence rewriter, bullet point to the blog section, keyword generator, and more.

High-quality output – This tool is for non-writers who wish to write high-quality material without learning to write or hiring a professional writer.


Long-form generator – It cannot create long-form content.

Extended description requirements – You must include information to describe the product in not less than 800 characters to get a more specific result for your product description.

Output reliability – When it comes to AI-generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be challenging. Information on some topics needs to be carefully reviewed and researched.

⛔ GPT-3 output — Because of Google's policy on penalizing auto-generated text, employing GPT-3 outputs can be risky.


Copy.ai offers 2 pricing plans:


Best for: Copy.ai is an AI copywriting tool that is especially valuable for digital marketers and online business owners who want to spend their marketing needs simply and seamlessly.

3. CopySmith


Copysmith is another of our AI copywriting options since it offers a clean interface and a great way to arrange your work into folders and subfolders.

The interface is designed to act as a work process, and the software is primarily template-based article authoring software.

After choosing a blog idea, CopySmith will give offer you constructive:

  • Blog intro
  • Blog Outline suggestion
  • Blog post body

Additionally, you can add images and choose the language and tone of voice you want to include in your content. 

Even though the interface is not super-fancy and colorful, it generates an attractive output.  


✅ Integration with Google Ads — To launch PPC ads, it can be directly integrated with Google Ads.

✅ A/B testing — If you want to test headlines and ad copy, the A/B test feature comes in handy.

✅ Team collaboration — All plans allow team members to work together.


⛔ Only English available —Content creation in languages other than English is not included in this copywriting software.

⛔ Long-form content — CopySmith's long-form generator is still in beta version and needs some improvement regarding the readability and structure of the text.


CopySmith offers 3 pricing plans:


Best for: Copysmith.ai is ideal for content creators such as marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house marketing teams, and e-commerce businesses.

4. Writesonic


Writesonic is a copywriting tool trained in artificial intelligence that generates digital copies of advertisements, copies of landing pages, copies of e-commerce, and articles.

It provides basic but robust options for creating captions and content in specific sections.

With Writesonic, you can divide some of your previous articles into small paragraphs so that you can reuse them if necessary.

You can repeat the previous thread as many times as you want until you find a suitable shape.


✅ Dependable content generation — It can create content that you can utilize without much proofreading.

✅ Correct grammar and spelling automatically — It automatically detects and corrects grammatical problems.

✅ Fast and accurate AI-generated content — Re-generate your output as many times as you like on the spot


⛔ Output adjustment - Lack of options to organize your content better.

⛔ Limited Templates — Compared to other tools, the number of templates is limited.


Writesonic offers 3 pricing plans:


Best for: Marketers who need to generate short-form and high-quality content with a little effort.

5. ClosersCopy


ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting software that helps you write attractive sales copy. 

He is trained in real estate marketing, so he knows what motivates people to shop.

It will help you create content for any ad such as email, social media, web pages, blogs, etc.

ClosersCopy offers various features such as backup of all work areas with all related files and operating system options that allow you to split one into several pieces.

It also works well in SEO and helps create the best SEO content by typing in the phrases and keywords you want to cover.

ClosersCopy provides a Longform editor that can detect weaknesses in your copy and support enhanced, professional navigation by writing your content step-by-step.


✅Different templates for different uses — ClosersCopy provides many templates to help you write your content.

✅One-Click Analysis — You can check the readings of your book, length, number of words, and keyword density to improve your SEO score.

✅Workflow options — Customize your copy by breaking it down into several paragraphs that can be compiled or used in the content field.


⛔ Content Entry — AI writers need improvement to provide reliable results for users' references.

⛔ The complexity of options — Many features and choices can be overwhelming for beginners.


ClosersCopy offers 3 pricing plans:


Best for: ClosersCopy is helpful for marketers and bloggers looking to streamline the process of writing multiple articles on a daily basis.

6. Bramework


Bramework is an artificial intelligence-supported copywriting tool that works primarily with long content SEO blogs.

The software uses the GPT-3 model, allowing users to create fast and error-free content for themselves and client sites.

Bramework includes these features:

  • An automatic article list generator
  • Summary functions
  • Rewriting
  • Alternative text generation for images

The tool also includes many other features, such as generating AI blog titles and recommended keywords to help you rank your article better in search engines.


✅ Image finder — Find free images that fit your work and automatically create alt text, allowing you to download and reuse them.

✅ Keyword research tool — Analyzes the most effective keywords of your competitors to identify strategies and ideas to improve your SEO efforts.

✅ WordPress integration – Manage your WordPress posts through the platform as a feature.


⛔ Unlimited plans: The tool can be expensive if you need an unlimited plan.

⛔ Repeated Content Results - Some content generation results may be repetitive, so you must be able to translate your sentences.


Bramework offers 4 pricing plans:


Best for: Bramework is designed for bloggers and content authors who need to use long content generators extensively.

The Best Copywriting Software For You

We hope that our list of the top 6 copywriting software will help you figure out which tool will help you boost your ratings and generate new leads the most.

Everyone loves engaging copy, but writing one is not always an easy task.

Conversely, finding a perfect copywriting software to assist you with that is maybe even harder.

But here is the thing — there is no wrong tool, so focusing on its features vs. how much that investment coast is the safest route to finding a perfect fit.

We confidently can say that TextCortex can be your long-term partner for writing compelling copies for any content type you need.

It will save your money, and improve your writing skills with an arsenal of writing weapons at your disposal when crafting your pieces — in other words, no feature is lacking.

Most importantly, TextCortex rewriting extensions open new possibilities — your writing assistant wherever your cursor is.

But this is not an ordinary rewriting extension because it offers several different features.

All you need is to select the sentence you would like to change, and when you click on the TextCortex bubble, you will get options to:

  • Rewrite your sentences to serve your context better.
  • Create long-form content from a single sentence.
  • Extend your text to include more details.
  • Make a summary to get brief information.
  • Use bullet points to create engaging emails.
  • Autocomplete your sentences without finishing them.

Let’s see how that works:

The main reason you should give it a try is that you can use TextCortex's free version at any time.

You get 10 credits per month with a free account, which you can enhance with more free credits by evaluating the tool or encouraging others to join.

By implementing TextCortex in your workflow, you will:

  • Save over 80% of your writing time.
  • Produce content at scale.
  • Create plagiarism-free content optimized for SEO.
  • Generate long and short-form content within seconds
  • Always provide natural-sounding output.

Download our Chrome Extension and watch how TextCortex improves and simplifies your writing process while also strengthening your salesforce and writing skills.