Why is there all that fuss about conversion rate in copywriting? 

The conversion rate is the primary metric showing companies that copywriters should be responsible for writing posts, not Mike, the engineer.

Similarly, the same metric shows us the difference between a rookie and a high-end writer.

The next question is, “How can I graduate to the next level?”.

To help you on that journey, you can use today’s article, in which we will explain what conversion copywriting is and how to master it. 

Let’s take this to the basics and develop it in a few easy steps.

What is Conversion Copywriting and What Is Its Goal

Conversion copywriting is a specialized form of writing that focuses on creating content that persuades readers to take a specific action. 

The goal of conversion copywriting is to increase the conversion rate of a website or marketing campaign by creating copy that speaks directly to the reader’s needs and desires.

A company can use different metrics to measure success rate:

  • Product promotion - Promoting and engaging with audiences through social media.
  • New subscriptions - Increases the number of people interested in your product.
  • Sales Converts prospects into long-term clients.
  • Page visibility - improves SEO performance of website content and drives more traffic.

However, each of these actions requires a tailored approach for the best results.

In simple words, conversion copywriting involves a deep understanding of the target audience and their pain points, as well as the unique value proposition of the products or solutions.

Let’s see how to play this game and win.

Copywriting & Conversion Rates: How to Make Your Copy Click-Worthy

In the introduction, we mentioned that the purpose of this article would be to explain both: what conversion copywriting is and how to become an expert at it?

The first part is complete, and it was an easy one, right?

And now… Now we get to the meat and potatoes of why you are here: How to achieve a master level in copywriting?

1. Arm Yourself With Knowledge

In the copywriting ecosystem, the writer's task is to achieve results within the company's inside guidelines. 

To achieve the best results before you put the first letter on paper, you should know as much as you can about:

  • Product - What it offers and how it works, but most importantly, how readers view it and what value it offers from their perspective.
  • Targeted audience - What are the pain points of your focus group, and how can your product address these problems?
  • A platform for delivery - Know what is allowed and boosted in the algorithm running on the platform you are using to deliver your post.
  • Opposition - You are not the only one aiming for the potential customers in the focus group, observe what the competition is doing right or wrong and learn from their work.

The information you gathered is enough for you to create a frame of any post. Furthermore, using such data should influence how you express yourself.

Applications like Ask the public are a great starting point to see the most common questions related to industry or product type.

Clever use of warnings, proofs, and advice will lead readers to a point where they are convinced that your CTA is the best solution for them.

2. In The Beginning There Was A Word…Title

Yes, yes, we know the talk about the title is in every single article on the subject of copywriting, and yet some people still did not get the memo. 

Online marketing heavily depends on the quality of the title.

The title should present a benefit in clear language to seize readers' attention before it moves to other articles.

Numbers are a powerful tool when it comes to catching the eye of the reader.

Here are some examples of how to incorporate numbers in your title:

  • Take the Opportunity to Reach The Best Freelancers Working Across 23 Industries
  • 7 Rules to Design a Perfect Living Room 
  • How Your Company Can Save Up to 43% in Transport Expenses

The title should present benefits in less than 15 to avoid reaching cut-off points on different platforms.

3. Focusing On Benefits Over Features

If you brag about how the application has all new features or the CPU is running on X GHz, we are returning to a position where Mike, the engineer, can create such an article.

Since our goal is excellent and not average content, a copywriter must provide more value than the single part or even the sum of parts making the product.

Fore mentioned value comes in the form of benefits readers can experience from acting on CTA proposed in the article.

The easiest way to spot those benefits is to compare expert opinions and the product’s features, a step further would be to use the product yourself.

You can build trust with readers if you focus on the pains industry workers experience in real life.

Which brings us to the next segment: Social proof or the story of the everyday user.

4. Let Others Speak for You

It is excellent when you present proof of how helpful your product is to the reader, but it is still YOUR product, of course, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Opinions of people working in the same industry have more impact since those are neutral users with the same experiences as readers.

One research into conversion copywriting shows that Social proof increases signups by up to 20%.

You can use direct testimonials from company pages or user rating generators like Captera.

Have you ever wondered why on every app store and in commercials, there is talk about the number of downloads? 

No, it is not for the company to say how successful they are.

That number indicates the number of “satisfied” users, so it is a public endorsement without placing it as such.

5. Image vs Thousand Words

Visuals are one of the greatest instruments available to you as a writer. One well-placed image or video can save you minutes in explaining.

At first glance, that is not so much, but a recent study shows that the average reading time for online articles is 55-60 seconds, which indicates a high bounce rate.

Different formats of visuals can help you increase engagement:

  • Charts - you can use them to drive a point and create a permanent memory of the impact your product can have on their business.
  • Images - has a wide range of implementations from showing the effectiveness of your product to mems to get a small chuckle before continuing with serious talk.
  • Videos and GIFs - a set of visuals coming into the spotlight as broadband internet connection and fast hosting servers for web pages are widely available. You can use videos to showcase how easy it is for the reader to complete some tasks.

Study shows 71% of marketers consider visuals an important or very important part of their marketing strategies.

6. Avoiding Wall of Text

Even when you are telling a story, you make pauses to take a breath. This is plenty of time for the final picture to sink into the minds of the listeners or readers.

At the same time, some of you might think a break like that can make readers lose interest and leave your text. 

In reality, it's quite the opposite.

Long blocks of text without pause are tiresome and, as such, can cause readers to abandon the text before the conclusion. 

This is important because at the end of any copywriting text is where we place a call-to-action (the most important part of any copy).

You see where I am getting at?

The same goes when writing an article or DM. 

How would you make the reader take a second and think about what he read?

The answer is simple – any break in the text, such as:

These elements create a short pause that is enough for the reader's mind to process content efficiently and assign value to it.

One line joke or pun can ease tensions in readers' minds allowing them to rest from pure facts-driven articles.

7. Bold Keypoints

Presenting parts of text in an eye-catching way helps the reader follow your lead. 

Your job as host is to lead them through a maze of possibilities to the point where they can get something of value.

Every block should have at least one bolded or colored point that you think is important for your reader to remember.

Combining parts of the text that you emphasized should lead to the logical conclusion that your product is a solution for an issue bothering the reader.

8. Seal the Deal With Proper CTA

All this talk and all your writing have led to this. One sentence to achieve your goal, so let’s do it right.

Call to action should focus only on one segment, and that is the metric company requested, but you can still use multiple CTAs in one article.

Make it clear.

Single-click CTAs have the best results. Sites with CTA presented as buttons have a 45% higher click rate.

Simple CTA with another short reminder of why it is a solution for readers’ pains or what gains they can experience.

CTA are great places to lean in a bit further with the use of words like now, free or limited offer.

Where Are We After This Learning Session

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