The title of the article can make your eyebrow raise in doubt. 

Fourteen branches? 

Yes, they all have specific needs and tricks for making excellent content.

You have heard the phrase “Right man for the job,” right?

Well, you can be that man if you dedicate yourself to the type of freelance writing job that best fits your character.

Today we will discuss the differences between them to help you find your niche and give some advice on how to start on the right foot.

Let’s begin.

How Popular Is Freelancing in Content Writing World

Per, in 2022, companies have outsourced 81% of marketing content writing.

As you can see, there's a lot of work to be done by freelance writers all over the World.

What’s more, a recent survey found that using freelancers can reduce labor costs by 20% or more.

The main complaint from companies, however, is not about the cost of freelance written content but about quality.

Garter's research supports that opinion by showing that making high-quality content is the most difficult part of content marketing (41% of votes). 

This is because It is highly unlikely that one person can be a top tire in every aspect of writing. 

But, if you can specialize in a few different types of freelance writing jobs and be great at them, you will be able to charge higher rates and spend less time working.

Let’s check them out.

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs Dominating The Market

How do you choose the right freelance writing job with so many options?

Let us say a few words about each so you can see the differences and better understand the skills needed.

1. Blogging 

Blogging is writing a content for the web page with regular blog post updates in a specific niche

Bloggers write new posts with education, entertainment, or informative value, and people visit web pages to consume them.

The topic can include any number of things, from an individual's life story to opinion pieces intended as a marketing campaign for a product or brand. 

In the last decade, blogging experienced colossal expansion due to liberty, allowing writers to express views and promote ideas.

freelance writing jobs in 2024

2. White Paper Writing

The white paper is a document intended to bolster a company's rating as an expert in the field. 

Writers create a document like this to showcase a company’s superior solution for issues affecting the industry.

For example, an interview with an independent expert or research citation validates the company’s tools and procedures.


3. Brand Writing 

Positioning the name of a brand is a major factor in modern marketing campaigns for any product. 

You can use brand writing to create any content intended for building brand recognition. 

However, brand writing does not stop at online promotions. It affects even tiny details, such as goodbye messages on the receipt. 

4. Technical Writing 

Technical writer focuses on presenting complex information to a wide audience with different levels of expertise

Everyone has seen user manuals. They are the most common instance of technical writing. 

For example, FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) pages are another example that experienced a boom with the expansion of the customer support industry.

5. Ghostwriting 

A ghostwriter is a person who writes content for another writer or company, and a client who orders it takes all credit as the author.

There’s no visible clue that you’re the writer of those articles or texts.

For instance, ghostwriters are the creators of most public speeches. 

Historically, we have seen instances where a ghostwriter is responsible for whole books. Mark Twain wrote an autobiography for President Ulysses S. Grant.

6. Magazine Writing 

Freelance writers often find writing articles for magazines one of the most demanding types of jobs. 

For magazine writing, authors must research subjects and create content that will attract the masses. 

Some magazine articles are written in two instances: one for hard copies of magazines and the other for online editions.

7. Editor and Proofreader

Proofreading is the process of ironing out any grammar or spelling errors in a document.

Editing focuses more on text form and adjusting wording for clarity or conciseness.

In essence proofreader/editor makes sure that small overlooked mistakes do not become a reason for embarrassment after publishing content.

A person other than a writer usually performs both tasks. 

Freelancers, on the other hand, more often tend to use writing assistance applications like Grammarly.

8. Grant Writing 

Grant writing covers research, drafting, and submitting forms organizations need to secure grant funding. 

The writer's first step is a rigorous process of researching conditions set by grant providers. 

The second presents how the applicant plans to fulfill the grant's requirements. 

Finally, writers must use precise language in their proposals since the same language is used in the contract after the funding is approved.

9. Social Media Writing 

The writer’s job of creating social media posts seems straightforward, but there is much more finesse than one might think.

Social media posts have two primary purposes:

  1. Building community around an idea, person, or product.
  2. Contain leads to some more significant content or product.

Both models need to express a message in an eye-catching manner in a few words. 

However, with social media culture in mind, social media writers are allowed to use alternative wording and slang with the intent to approach a targeted audience in their language.


10. Ecommerce Writing

Articles comparing products from the same category and also providing links to items' sales pages are the most common instance of e-Commerce writing.

A writer creates articles around affiliate links, and after the sale over that link, the owner of the article's page gets a commission for the retailer.

11. Academic Writing

Writing academic documents is a unique way of communicating ideas between experts. 

Writers create articles to present research or start a debate around a topic.

Documents published in science magazines for peer review are perfect examples of such writing.

Academic writing greatly benefits from using exact numbering and avoiding expressions like “some cases” and “many problems”.


12. Resume Writing 

A resume is a formal document to itemize applicants' qualifications for a job position

For over a decade now, large companies have used computer programs to complete the first elimination process for most job applications.

A resume writer should write a resume and accompanying cover letter to pass review by the program, but also, the primary skills can be spotted at first glance by a person.

13. Press Release Writing 

A press release writer creates articles containing news about the organization as preparation for future actions or as a response to a public inquiry. 

A press release should contain all relevant information the organization wants to share. Communication with the public in such a manner is not related only to companies but also to governments and PR teams.

14. SEO Content Writing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) writing’s primary focus is on the following the rules, and optimizing content for readers and search bots to boost content ratings in search results. 

When people type a search query into a search engine, results that contain lots of frequently used keywords will rise to the top of the list.

The closer to the top your content is, the more people will see it as relevant and visit the web page.

SEO writers research what phrases people use in a query for a certain topic and, based on that information, create articles to best-fit search patterns.

As you can see, not all types of freelance writing jobs are defined by the type of content but also by the platform for publishing or tone used in documents. 

In addition, every job we mentioned requires specific skills and, in some cases, tools.

What Future Holds for New Freelance Writer

Every new job brings the excitement of new opportunities. 

As a freelance writer, not only can you earn money, but you can join an ever-growing tribe of IT nomads traveling all over the World and carrying their work in a backpack.

You can get there, but you need to put in some hard work.

Here is some general advice on how to start and develop in the industry:

  • Use Freelance Platforms like Upwork or TextBroker to get jobs to sharpen your writing.
  • Build your portfolio with documents showcasing your writing style.
  • Look for work outside freelance platforms.
  • Specialize in a few segments of writing and become the best you can.
  • Cooperate with other writers on big projects.

Yes, everything we mentioned requires a lot of work, but the payback is massive.

On your journey to success, writing assistance tools are the most significant asset besides your intellect.

TextCortex is one of the best in the market, it all comes down to your preferences.

TextCortext uses AI to help you create whole articles from a few base parameters.

In the writing process, you can adjust the application's level of creativity, allowing you to learn and develop your writing skills.

To use it, simply highlight the text you want AI writers to focus on and choose the “Long-form” feature from the rewriting menu. TextCortex will do the rest.

Likewise, the “Translate” feature allows you to prepare content intended for local markets in 10+ different languages, in a few easy steps.

Here are some more TextCortex add-on features you can find attractive:

👍Rewrite in blocks for better clarity.

👍Expand the sentences or whole segments for engaging content.

👍Summarize the original document to its leading idea and primary supporting points.

👍Change the tone of voice to get the desired outcome.

👍Merging vague ideas into impactful sentences or paragraphs.

👍Read your content aloud using the Text-to-speech option.

TextCortex’s Chrome add-on allows you to work with a large number of web-based platforms like Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Hemingway, LinkedIn, etc.

What Do You Need to Start Using TextCortex add-on?

✅ Drive to speed up your writing process.

✅ A will to build your knowledge about the latest AI capabilities.

✅ Setting and using on your device are free.

✅ Simple sign-up without the need for additional information like the credit card number.

Are you intrigued enough to test it?

Get your TextCortex free account to use your ten free daily creations with access to 60+ AI templates and 10+ rewriting features, to set you on the right path to success.


What type of Freelance Writing Pays The Most?

Freelance writing rates vary widely depending on your experience level, the type of project, and the client. 

Generally, writing for the web pays more than print writing, and longer projects tend to pay more than shorter projects. 

Technical and specialized topics, such as medical and legal writing, tend to be the highest-paying assignments.

Writers with expertise in these areas can often command higher rates than generalists.

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