QuillBot is a widely used application, beloved by students, featuring generative AI technology capable of producing modified content that conforms to contextual criteria or transforms the attitude of written texts.

All you have to do is enter your input: Could be a sentence, paragraph or any type of textual input into the dashboard and rewrite the whole thing within seconds.

How does QuillBot Work?

Quillbot is really easy to use when it comes to finding the optimal wording for what you on want to express writing. Simply put the certain parts of your text into the box and Quillbot will handle the rest.

quillbot svenska

Features (Doesn't support Swedish)

Quillbot has a variety of features to use. However, many of them are only available in English - which is a huge issue for people that speaks languages other than English to benefit from generative AI capabilities. Even if you give your input in another language, the output will always be in English.

Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot’s non-paid plan includes ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ mode for paraphrasing. But the remaining 5 other modes are only available in the premium plan.

quillbot swedish

Quillbot Premium plan allows you to get 5 more paraphrasing modes. Here are the additional rewriting modes: 

  • Simple mode Writes texts in the simplest terms.
  • Formal mode Writes in a more academic tone.
  • Creative mode — Writes in a more narrative & descriptive tone for short stories etc.
  • Shorten mode Makes sentences shorter than the original input.
  • Expand mode — Adds more sentences on top of your input.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker is another beneficial feature of finding and correcting any misspelled words or grammar mistakes in words. Working on very long essays is already hard enough when you are a student and you can easily get lost among these grammar or spelling mistakes.

Plagiarism Checker

One another feature perfectly suitable for students is that QuillBot's plagiarism detecetion tool. With this aid watching over its user's spoken words to avert potential infringements against copyright law, all academics should be able to stay on Google's good side.

Nevertheless, even when you have a Premium account with this service, it will only permit 20 pages for plagiarism scanning.

Does Quillbot Support Swedish Language?

Quillbot offers Swedish for rewriting. However, it does not allow users to use all paraphrasing modes for Swedish. Therefore, it has limited capabilities if you are working in Swedish.

Better QuillBot Alternative for Swedish: TextCortex

TextCortex, on the other hand, is available in 25+ languages including Swedish. 

The ability to paraphrase your sentences in Swedish, translate from or into Dutch translation, take advantage of ZenoChat (a ChatGPT alternative) in your native tongue, and generate content completely drafted in Dutch.

TextCortex’s Rewriting Tool for Swedish Language

If you're a student or expert who requires artificial intelligence capabilities that create in Swedish, you have arrived at the correct destination. TextCortex offers a variety of features in over 25 languages, with Swedish included among one of them.

Paraphrase Sentences in Swedish

Use TextCortex's paraphrasing tool to rephrase your content in any text box - and in Swedish!

Regardless of wherever you are on the internet, you can paraphrase your content in seconds by simply highlighting your sentences and clicking on the "Rewrite" button.

quillbot svenska paraphrase

Expand Content in Swedish

Improve your written text by adding more relevant sentences on top of it using the Expand feature.

Regardless of language, you can expand your sentences by choosing your content and clicking on Expand.

quillbot swedish expand

Translate to/from Swedish

TextCortex also enables you to translate your content with the browser extension in one click. Translation is available for 25+ languages and works on 2000+ webpages.

Once you have your material in your hand, highlight it, and decide on the language you want it translated into. There you go! 

quillbot swedish translate

Summarize Text in Swedish

You can get a summary of a lengthy document quickly by highlighting it with TextCortex and clicking on Summarize. Make sure that the extension is installed on your browser and enabled on the platform you are working. This works with any online text fields.

quillbot swedish summarize

Swedish Text to Speech Tool

We also provide the feature of text-to-speech for multiple languages, allowing you to listen to any kind of written material out loud.

With TextCortex, there's no need to read long articles if you don't want to – it takes only one click to have it do the reading for you.

swedish text to speech

ZenoChat – Swedish ChatGPT Alternative

Zeno is able to communicate with you in 25+ languages. You can use ZenoChat for your everyday tasks, creating marketing copies, producing written content, getting quick information anytime, anywhere. 

chatgpt swedish

You can quickly start working with Zeno by launching the sidebar. Additional information about what Zeno is able to do and its constraints can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quillbot have Swedish?

Yes, Quillbot does offer Swedish in its rewriting tool. However, it does not come with all paraphrasing modes when you choose Swedish.

Does Quillbot translate from English to Swedish?

Yes, Quillbot can translate your texts from English to Swedish. However, keep in mind that there is no formality options inside the translator. Therefore, the overall structure of your text may vary.