When ChatGPT initially appeared on the market, it was a ground-breaking invention.

It demonstrated a whole new level of AI power that some "ordinary" humans could only imagine.

After a few months, we have grown accustomed to this phenomenon.

As a result, we became aware of two things: how quickly technology is developing and how competitors must keep up to stay "in the game."

We now have a variety of ChatGPT substitutes, each with its own set of features and objectives.

One such tool is the Bing AI chatbot.

In this post, we'll review all the pertinent details to provide you with a thorough understanding of yet another conversational AI tool.

You'll discover what Bing AI chatbot is, how to use it, its capabilities, advantages and disadvantages, and some current statistics and facts.

Let’s dive in!

What is Bing AI Chatbot?


Bing AI Chatbot, also known as "New Bing," combines ChatGPT with Microsoft's search engine, creating Microsoft's unique version of ChatGPT. 

Just as Samsung has its own customized version of Android, Bing Chat represents Microsoft's tailored approach to ChatGPT.

With Bing AI, users can conduct searches through traditional methods or engage in conversational interactions. 

Moreover, Bing AI offers additional functionalities such as composing social media posts, solving math problems, and proofreading texts.

1. How Does Bing AI Chatbot Work?

To better grasp Bing Chat, it is essential to understand ChatGPT. 

Both tools are AI chatbots developed using OpenAI's large language models (LLMs). 

Bing utilizes the latest next-generation natural language AI model to power its web searching capabilities. 

This model is specifically trained to excel in web searches and incorporates advancements derived from both ChatGPT and GPT-3.5

These improvements contribute to enhanced speed and reliability in Bing's AI-driven services.

However, the notable distinction between Bing Chat and ChatGPT lies in Microsoft's customization. 

Bing Chat is specifically optimized for search functionality, which becomes evident during its usage. 

Bing AI Chatbot Accessibility

To access the AI-powered Bing, you have several options depending on your device. 

If you're using Windows or macOS, you can access Bing through the Microsoft Edge browser

Additionally, you can use the Bing, Edge, and Skype mobile apps available for both Android and iOS

While Edge is integrated into Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can download it separately for Mac and older Windows versions.

To access Bing on a desktop, open Edge and click on the Chat icon. 

Then, log in with your Microsoft account. 

On mobile devices, sign in with a Microsoft account to access similar features as the desktop version but in a more compact layout. 

Furthermore, Microsoft has integrated SwiftKey with Bing Chat on iOS and Android, allowing it to be used with email and social media platforms.

How to Get Started?

Interacting with Bing is similar to ChatGPT, but Microsoft's tool offers additional options.

At the bottom of the Chat sidebar, you'll see three options to set the conversation style for Bing's responses:

1️. More Creative — This option generates original and imaginative responses (e.g. write a poem).


2️. More Precise — Choosing this option ensures more accurate and concise responses (e.g. explain formulas, solving problems, etc).


3️. More Balanced — This option aims to strike a balance between creativity and precision (ideal for content creation).


For best experience, it is best to experiment with each tone, though starting with the Balanced level might be a good idea.

Bing AI Chatbot Capabilities

Bing AI serves as a versatile chat tool and has the capability to generate various forms of content, including:

✒️ Poems

✒️ Songs

✒️ Stories

✒️ Reports

Moreover, it provides valuable information and insights pertaining to the currently open website in the browser. 

Another noteworthy feature is its image creator, which allows users to design logos, drawings, artworks, and other visuals based on text input.

Furthermore, it provides transparent information about its search process, including listed sources for the retrieved content

Let’s not forget to mention that Bing AI is expanding its Image Creator functionality to support all languages. 

This means that users from different linguistic backgrounds can now benefit from this feature. Additionally, Bing is introducing new AI capabilities that enable users to conduct visual searches. 

Soon, users will be able to upload images to Bing and explore related content on the web.

Bing AI Chatbot Pros and Cons

When talking about advantages and disadvantages of Bing AI chatbot, it is important to note that I am taking a writer’s perspective of this tool.

While some of the features are beneficial to us writers, some others will be more useful to marketers and researchers.

Let’s review advantages first:

✅ It's quite easy to operate.

✅ It offers a user-friendly interface.

✅ It allows voice input

✅ It gives references for precise content generation.

✅ It offers suggestions for conversational starters based on timely topics.

Now let’s see disadvantages of Bing AI chatbot:

🚫 It has shorter responses to questions than ChatGPT.

🚫 Its problem-solving skill are limited to web search.

🚫 A generation process tends to be laggy.

🚫 The output format looks generic.

Bing AI Chatbot Pricing

Bing AI Chatbot is free to use.

Unlike ChatGPT which requires a paid "Plus" subscription,  this tool supports GPT-4 from OpenAI in its free version.

Bing AI Chatbot Important Facts and Statistics

1. On February 7th 2023, Microsoft released Bing Chat, transforming Bing from a simple search engine into a conversational AI with which users can ask questions, generate ideas for new content, and have fun.

2. Recent reports indicate that just weeks after launching, Bing’s daily active users hit 100 million.

3. More than a million people joined the Bing Chat waitlist in the first 48 hours after the announcement.

4. Incorporating AI into Microsoft's Bing search engine, which has historically struggled to compete with Google, resulting in a 16% increase in user engagement.

5. Since its introduction, the number of people using Bing every day has surged to over 100 million, and daily installs of the Bing mobile app have increased 4x.

Bing Image Creator has also been used to make over 200 million photos.

Bing AI Chatbot’s Technical Breakthroughs

The new Bing experience results from 4 innovations:

1. Next-generation OpenAI model — Bing's new OpenAI large language model is more powerful than ChatGPT and optimized for search.

2. Microsoft Prometheus model — This model helps Bing increase relevancy, annotate responses, provide more recent results, grasp geolocation, and improve safety.

3. Applying AI to core search algorithm — The fundamental search ranking engine has improved, with AI making the biggest relevancy jump in years.

4. New user experience — The user experience includes search, AI, chat, and other features.

Let’s Wrap Up

I would lie if I said the Bing AI chatbot tool is not a good tool. 

On the contrary, it has some features that give it a “pixy dust” vibe.

For me, the most valuable feature of the Bing AI chatbot is its ability to speed up research on specific topics.

However, the most accurate conclusion (for us familiar with multiple conversational AI tools) is that it works best when combined with other AI writing assistants.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be the ChatGPT, but the output Bing AI provides needs some extra work and polishing.

Still, I’ll give it credit for being chicky, though.


And while we are on the topic, there is a conversational AI writing assistant that would be a great combo with Bing AI chatbot — it is called Zeno ChatGPT add-on.

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