Mastering email productivity is a key skill for any worker.

Emails are one of the primary ways used by workers to communicate in the modern workplace: as such, it’s essential to master email productivity if you want to succeed in your job.

Having effective email habits and practices can help you stay organized, save time and energy, and ensure that important messages don’t get buried under an avalanche of emails.

If you feel like you’ve been lacking such discipline lately, this article comes with quite some useful tips to boost your Gmail productivity!

What am I Lacking?

Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay productive while working? You might be asking yourself why this is the case.

There are many reasons why your productivity could be lagging, and it’s important to identify what might be causing the issue so that you can take steps to improve your efficiency. 

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One of the most common causes of lack of productivity is feeling overwhelmed or not having a clear set of goals in mind.

When you don’t know exactly what needs to be done or how you should go about doing it, it can lead to procrastination and distractions that can prevent you from getting work done. To combat this issue, try breaking down large tasks into smaller chunks, setting specific time frames for each task, and focusing on one task at a time until completion.

Additionally, make sure that your goals are measurable and achievable so that they serve as incentives for completing tasks on time.


Another cause of poor productivity is becoming too comfortable with routine tasks or taking on too much work at once.

Performing repetitive tasks over long periods of time can become boring or monotonous which can lead to decreased motivation and focus when attempting these tasks again in the future.

To counter this problem try making small changes every now and then such as switching up how you approach a specific task or taking breaks throughout your day for physical activity or relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation which have been proven to help increase focus levels when returning back to work after their completion.


One of the most common causes of low productivity is lack of sleep or restful breaks throughout the day.

When we don’t get enough sleep our brains don’t function as effectively as they should, which can make it harder for us to concentrate and stay focused on our tasks. Similarly, not taking regular breaks throughout the day can lead to burnout and decreased productivity levels over time. 

How to Write Emails more Easily

Writing emails can be an intimidating task. Even if you know what you want to say, it’s easy to get stuck in the details and find yourself staring at a blank screen.

Fortunately, there are simple strategies that can help make email writing easier and more efficient.

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Plan ahead

Before you start typing, it’s important to think about the purpose of your email and how you want to structure it.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and what message you want to convey before beginning: taking time for this step can save time in the long run by making sure your emails are well-organized and on point.

Keep it simple

Not every email needs complexity or flowery language; sometimes all that’s needed is a few sentences with clear information or directions. Keep things straightforward and avoid overcomplicating things with unnecessary details or jargon – readers will appreciate the simplicity!

Get creative

While brevity is important, don’t be afraid to have fun with words if appropriate for your audience! Be creative with subject lines or use humor when appropriate – these small touches can really make an impression on recipients and add personality to your messages without taking away from their purpose. 

Gmail Productivity Tips

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world, and it's easy to understand why. It’s fast, reliable, and packed with features that help you get more work done in less time. But despite its many advantages, it can be hard to maximize your productivity while using it.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Gmail account!

Trust an AI tool with your workflow

A helpful way to increase your proficiency and speed at writing emails is to pre-write some so that you can arrange for them to be sent out later.

TextCortex is the perfect AI tool for achieving your desired result!

Not only will it generate a complete email in seconds from just a few bullet points, it also comes with other useful features to expand your text, translate it in 25+ languages and change its tone so you’re sure to always have content that sounds exactly how you want it to.

Need ideas on how to approach a certain topic in an email? Want a few templates to instantly choose from? Ask your new, very own AI assistant: ZenoChat!

Set up multiple accounts

If you have multiple business-related email accounts (e.g., sales@mycompanyname), then setting up multiple accounts within Gmail makes life easier because it allows all incoming emails from each account to be managed in one central location.

This means that you can easily switch between accounts and access emails from different accounts without having to log in and out of different accounts.

Additionally, you can quickly respond to emails from all accounts in one place, thus saving valuable time. 

Integrations are there to help

Gmail also has a wide range of features designed to help you stay more organized and productive.

With its integration with other Google services like Google Drive and Calendar, keeping up with your tasks is easier than ever before!

Make the most of it: write emails in Google docs (click on “File”, then “Email”, then select “Email draft”), prepare your message and simply save it for later or click the blue Gmail icon to transfer it into Gmail as a draft. This is an excellent choice for whenever you need to dispense numerous emails consistently, and still wish to keep them systematically arranged or share them with other people.

Use an Email Finder

Discovering email addresses can be quite tedious.

If you’re a prospector and want to quickly find someone’s email address, you can rely on an email finding tool such as Voila Norbert, which comes with a very intuitive interface and a 98% accuracy rate.