Did you know that 57% of marketers say they’ve got new buyers specifically through blogging?

Still, many companies don’t use blog posts in their marketing strategy because they don’t know what to write about.

Researching your business-related topics and creating a personalized blogging strategy can help you create content that brings more customers.

Following the right SEO & and content marketing blogs, you can find inspiration and create your blog strategy more efficiently.

Don’t know which blogs to follow?

In this article, we’ve gathered a list of 5 best SEO and content marketing blogs you should follow if you want to create killer blogs that bring you tons of leads.

Let’s start.

Why are high-quality blog posts important for your business?

High-quality blog posts are a way to show that your business cares about its customers and potential customers by giving them free and helpful information.

Blog posts are essential for marketing and customer retention because they:

  • Improve your search engine ranking - With high-quality articles, the right keywords, and backlinks, you can make your website more visible and bring in new traffic to your website.
  • Provide free educational value to your customers - You will give your readers free information they look for,  which can result in them buying from you rather than someone else.
  • Help you establish yourself or your business as an expert in the field - Creating a high-quality blog posts on a specific topic can position you as an expert, so people will go to your website when they need a solution.

By learning how to write engaging content, you can increase the chances of being seen and that some  of your posts will bring you potential customers and convert them.

If you want to create blog posts that will skyrocket your business, you can follow these 4 blogs below, get inspiration, and start writing today.

 The best SEO & content marketing blogs you can learn from

1.  MarketingProfs

By reading MarketingProfs blog posts, you can learn more about B2B marketing and how to create content that will bring you organic reach.

MarketingProfs articles mainly focus on tips and tricks you should know before writing for your website.

In their articles, you can learn how to:

  • Avoid creating boring content - With engaging content, readers will stay on your site longer, and you can get your future buyer or lead.
  • Implement reviews in your writing - Learn how to use reviews of your business/product subtly so that new customers have social proof and potentially buy the product.
  • Write persuasive blog posts -  When you know how to write blog posts that will convince your reader why they need your business/product,  you will sell more.

With dozens of articles that cover content marketing, you will know how to craft a good blog post before writing it.

2.  Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the most well-known blogs that can help you create a better content marketing strategy.

Thus, resulting in well-thought-out and organized posts that generate leads or sales.

This blog is helpful because the articles always have numerous tips you can use immediately, case studies that prove their point, and examples that help you learn faster.

By reading the Content Marketing Institute’s blog, you can learn why it is important to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy -  By knowing why you need a marketing strategy and a content plan, you will take your time to develop a successful one faster.
  • Turn data into stories -  Knowing the importance of turning dull data into stories will help you create more engaging content that will hook the reader instantly.
  • Create attention-grabbing meta descriptions - Diving deep into the details of meta descriptions will help you create ones that will drive your readers to click on the article link and read your text.

Dozens of articles on this blog can help you with your marketing strategy so that your blogs get more clicks and sales.

3. MOZ


The Moz Blog can help you learn more about SEO so that your blogs get more organic reach in less time.

With Moz Blog, you don’t need an SEO specialist. You can learn how to track the right metrics and set the right parameters for your blog on your own.

After reading some of the articles, you can learn how to:

  • Use the right keywords - Finding and using the right keywords will help you rank better for those keywords so that potential buyers can find you quickly.
  • Understand the Google algorithm - By understanding how the Google algorithm works, you can write content that is successful with Google and actual readers.
  • Follow the right metrics - Understanding the right metrics that point out facts about your blog post can help you create more user-friendly ones. 

Moz Bog explains SEO in simple words, so you can easily understand and implement everything on your blog right away.

By learning more about SEO, you can get more views and potential customers with a few simple tricks.

4. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a content marketing blog that can help you learn more about crafting copy that is user-friendly and converts.

Copyblogger’s articles are specifically for writers and content creators, and you can learn more about creating texts that your target audience needs and wants to read.

By reading this blog, you can learn more about the structure of a blog and create:

  • Engaging introductions -  An engaging introduction will hook the reader to read your text and embark on a buyer’s journey that will lead to a purchase.
  • Killer CTA - Without a killer CTA you won’t end the buyer’s journey with a purchase, which is the goal of your text. That’s what reading Copyblogger may help you with.
  • Eye-catching headlines - Writing eye-catching headlines can make you stand out from the crowd and influence the reader to choose your text instead of someone else’s.

With this knowledge, you can learn how the internal structure of your blog can help readers go through your articles smoothly and buy your product at the end.

Learning how to structure your blog posts will make your articles more professional, user-friendly, and engaging, leading to more leads or sales.

5. Animalz


Animalz is a content marketing blog that can help you learn the latest trends on the topic so that your blog is always up to date.

By reading Animalz’s blog, you can learn how to create more precise content directed at the target audience.

Numerous blog posts on Animalz can help you :

  • Persuasive content - The tips the writer shares in multiple blog posts can help you learn how to persuade the reader to believe every word you write.
  • Avoid bad content - Learn the four forces of bad content and how to avoid them so that you don’t end up with readers leaving after a couple of sentences.

Animalz blog post will help you cross the bridge from a content writer to a content marketer, which means using precise words that don’t describe but sell your services or products.


Writing high-quality blog posts can help you reach your target audience and form a better connection with them by offering free information and solutions.

In addition, following the right blogs can help you learn more about the blog’s structure, the content, and how to promote your blog in the right way.

After gathering all the information you need about your content strategy, the next step is to start writing.

Writing can take up hours of your time, so it is good to have an assistant for your writing tasks.

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TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that can help you write engaging blog posts in minutes. 

You can use the online app or Chrome extension to write numerous different types of content from scratch.

How does TextCortex do that?

It uses the latest use-case models that predict content and create output. As a result, you can always get original, natural-sounding, and engaging texts with just a few clicks.

To use TextCortex, all you need to do is:

  • Select blog writing within the templates
  • Enter your blog’s title
  • Enter  the main keywords
  • Choose the length and the language of your output
  • Click Create.

What kind of content will you create?

TextCortex can help you create content that sells  and improve your writing skills because it generates content based on 3 million best practices.

By creating content based on the best practices in the marketing world, your articles are able to rank higher, and people can notice you faster.

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