Did you know that 73% of companies hire someone to do advertisements for them? 

One of the essential skills on the path to business success is copywriting. 

If you know how to write good copy for your Ads, your chances of success and growing your business drastically increases.

First of all, we can't make big sales for you, but, hell yeah, we can direct you on how to do it yourself — learn how to write compelling  Ad Copy.

As with everything in life, there is always another possibility: settle in a crowded place, explain to the people everything you advertise and finally shout: "Show me the money?"

And take my word for it - it's not a very smart idea. Btw, that guy needs an Ad Copy too. But let him do it the hard way. That will give you enough leverage to learn more good stuff.

In today’s article, you’ll learn what Ad Copy is, and how to create it fast and get some real conversions.

Let’s dive in!

What is Ad Copy?

In the beginning, it was a word.

And a grumpy professor convinced you that Advertisement Copy is a series of specially designed procedures.

Another mission impossible for you (no, it's not Tom Cruise again, he's still in the same place and still shouting).

Let's get real. You don't need professors or complicated definitions but practical solutions

Ad copies are everywhere around us - from Google Ads to billboards you see daily.

And they are the alpha and the omega of online advertising because they are an art of creativity that brings new leads and more conversions.

So, Ad Copy is a single piece of advertisement content that purposely draws your readers’ attention and awakens their need to take action and purchase your product or service.

This sounds much better and more effective, right? Of course, it does.

You may not have noticed, but this was also your first lesson when writing Ad copies - be short and clear when writing.

Let's move on!

Why is Ad Copy So Important?

Your first step in communicating with potential customers is your advertisements.

And there is a chance to show your power and capture their hearts and minds.

The sooner you wake up the curiosity and interest of the potential customers in your content and build up their need to take action, the sooner they’ll become your customers. 

And that means you will enjoy your and just your place under the market Sun. 

Opportunities to use Ad Copy daily are all around you in real and online life.

For example, you can use copywriting skills to advertise yourself and get a promotion intelligently and subtly. 

Trust me, if you do it right, your boss will decide to give you a promotion on his own.

Why not? You deserve it!

3 R’s To Build a Good Ad Copy

When the average internet user enters a site to read a text, they usually skip a good part of the article or "scribble" on the text just to finish it as soon as possible.

This means they are impatient, and they want everything right now. 

You are probably skipping certain parts of this text at this very moment and in a "hurry" to pick up the essence.

So be it! Let's speed this up!

Research, research, and research!

Before you dive into the writing, you have to know what your advertisements are and what kind of readers you want to attract to your content.

Knowing details is the key to creating profitable Ad Copy that converts, so make sure to:

1. Research the benefits of the product or service you’re writing about

  • What does your product do? 
  • What problems does it solve?
  • How could it help the actual user?
  • Why is it better than other similar products in the market? 
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is the story behind it?
  • What are less good things?

2. Research your target audience

  • Who are your potential users?
  • Where are they from?
  • What do they want from your product or service?
  • What is their hidden desire and problem?
  • What is the buying motive?
  • What added value do they expect from a service?
  • Where and when do they buy?

3. Research your competition

Investigate competitors, spy on them, and watch their ideas, but do it better in your way. 

You can use that research to learn from them and avoid the most common business writing mistakes.

Now, it's time to wrap it up in an irresistible package!

10 Tips On How To Nail Your Ad Copy With Examples

Here are crucial elements of the excellent Ad Copy:

1. A Good Headline Is A Half Work Done

A powerful and strong headline is the first step to creating a great Ad Copy piece. 

The main goal of a good headline is to stop readers' scroll and inspire them to read the rest of the copy and click

Statistics say that 8 out of 10 people read headlines.

So, how to make catchy headlines? We got you covered.

Here are 5 most common tips for writing irresistible headlines:

Rule #1 Fix a problem in your headline

Most internet users are searching for the right solution to their problems. 

Example: “We don’t cut corners – we clean them.

Let's be honest, we click on advertisements because they provide solutions or intrigue us.

Rule #2 Leverage your keywords

Keywords are essential, so use them. Your headline should contain words similar to those in the customer's search query. 

Example: “Everything You Need To Kick Start Your Diet

Be clear and specific about what you are advertising.

If you don't present your solution to be clear, then how will anyone understand what you're offering.

Rule #3 Engage your readers with a question

Hook your readers' attention by asking a question. 

Use an intelligent and provoking question to spark readers’ curiosity and draw them to the content. 

According to Hagvedt, people like questions because questions lead them to their own conclusions. 

Example:”Extra hungry?”

A simple question with a pinch of ambiguity is the spark that will flare up their interest.

Rule #4 Include numbers or statistics

Readers prefer headlines with numbers.

There is something powerful in numbers that always attracts the reader’s attention.

Especially if you write them as digits, not words.

Example: “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.”

It's easier to read and understand numbers than words, and that brings more readers.

Rule #5 Empathize with your readers

In addition to the fact that your audience want to solve their problems, they also need someone to understand them.

It also means that they will trust those who understand what they are going through and how they feel. 

Example: “Save Up To 60% On Your Car Insurance”

Empathy is a powerful tool for creating a good headline.

2. Write A Catchy First Sentence

Readers only take 10-15 seconds to decide if the article they just opened is worth reading. 

In that very short time, their interest will disappear or move them to the next level - towards your content.

Imagine the first sentence as a fishing hook, and its content is a bait that should attract curiosity and gain readers’ interest. 

Effective Ad Copy gets to the point fast. 

Tell your audience the benefit of your product or service right away - in your first line. 

Use action verbs! They are the second-best thing that will wake curiosity because they make people act, like:

  • Win
  • Enjoy
  • Claim
  • Discover
  • Experience
  • Feel
  • Earn

3. Add Subheading To Support Your Headings

Subheadings are the second important element in Ad Copywriting . 

Remember that only 30% of people read text to the last line. Others "scan" the text for keywords and subheadings. 

Like headlines, subheadings can be attractive statements that will further clarify the article's essential points or some part of it. That way, you'll guide the potential customer through the entire structure of your Ad Copy.

In addition, 56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates.

4. Remember To Include Call-To-Action

Did you know that content marketing drives nearly six times higher conversion rates if done properly.

Here, call to action always plays a crucial role in making decisions, especially if the reader is indecisive.

It is a term used in marketing as a direct call to the target audience to take the next step.

A call to action is where you tell visitors about the step they should take after reviewing your content.

This can be a landing page, a pop-up, a blog post, a Facebook ad, and so on.

Marketing experts say you must "order" your customers to buy something. In more delicate terms, it's called a call to action.

Be sure to finish your ad text with: order now, buy now, schedule your appointment, etc. The text can be: "Learn more", "Call", "Register", "Download", etc.

Since we know the how a good structure of the Ad should look like, let’s see how to make it more engaging.

5. Use The Proper Keywords

Your Ads will perform better if you include keywords. Include keywords that should fit into the rest of the content naturally. 

That will help you a lot. So, customers searching for a product in your industry can easily find your brand.

6. Use Emotional Words As Triggers 

And, of course, there is the golden rule of marketing - to strike at emotion.

Somebody once said: Win the heart, and the mind will follow.


Emotions and values ​​are the main building blocks of marketing. Find a way to wake up the emotions of your readers and give them value. Then you will be in a great position to get someone to adore you.

Here are 7 emotional triggers that have been proven to have great results:

  • Laughter
  • Amusement
  • Smile
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Joy
  • Sadness

7. Insert Images Or Graphics

Users scroll and scan their feeds rather than reading them. 

Therefore, great Ad Copy content won't be enough to catch their attention to your offer. 

That means you should import some colors into your content and make it easier to remember.

People are incredible at remembering pictures or graphics.

Compared to merely letters and numbers, readers are 65% more likely to retain visual information.

8. Use Statistics And Numbers

People always trust arguments that include statistics or numbers because it appears to be backed up by a more trustworthy source. 

But bring it in small doses. 

Even too much love can scare you, and too many numbers can make readers lose focus.

9. Be Clear

Most readers will not stay on your Ad Copy if it's wordy and long. Write direct and simple sentences. 

Don't confuse them, be specific. Complex vocabulary will make readers leave, and you don't want that.


Did you know that messages written for a third-grade reading level receive 53% more responses?

Create easy-to-understand copies that will work to your benefit.

10. Respect Your Readers: No False Promises Or Claims

Every false statement you make will come back to haunt you, and your company's reputation will be destroyed like a stone in the ocean.

Be true to yourself and your audience. That is the only way to establish the dependability of both — your ads and your company reputation.

Create Ad Copy Using TextCortex

Writing an Ad Copy is a special appreciated skill that can have a pretty significant impact on your earnings.

Make it a win-win situation — Earn money and be creative in making every content a piece of art with your signature on it.

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How to use it?

TextCortex is available as an Web application and Chrome extension.

And since we value the customer experience and user interface, let me demonstrate how simple the process of generating Ad copy is:

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