QuillBot, a popular English software service, utilises cutting-edge AI technology to dramatically reduce report and essay writing hours for countless students and affiliates.

You can simply insert a sentence, paragraph or entire article, and their system will generate rewrites catered for your needs at school or work.

What is QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool?

Quillbot provides a useful tool for determining the best method for wording for your written content. All you need to do is insert the chosen sentences in the text box and Quillbot's AI will generate an appropriate spin for them. Moreover, its results represent valuable quality that deserves attention.

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Is Quillbot Safe?

Generally, Quillbot proves to be a secure choice if you're hunting for a rephrasing tool or an article spinning program. The majorities of innovativeness students and actions professionals use Quillbot as their primitive decision in organizing vocabulary; this particular tool is built with artificial intelligence to rearrange key text into alternate description yet keeping in the same message quality.

Instead of simply consisting words copied from different sources like what those numerous comparable platforms do and in so forth causing plagiarised contents, it uses structured sentences and synonyms.

Quillbot Pricing (Monthly, Semi-Annual & Annual)

Quillbot offers one paid plan named as Quillbot Premium on their pricing page. Quillbot Premium plan has 3 time intervals available for the paid plan: Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual. All of the intervals' cost differ from each other as in:

  • Monthly plan costs $19.95 per month.
  • Semi-Annual plan costs $13.33 per month.
  • Annual plan costs $8.33 per month
Quillbot in German

Quillbot Features

Quillbot has a variety of paraphrasing features to use. However, Quillbot offers very limited functionality and inconsistencies for the German language. As for the other languages, the quality of the outputs might sound clunky and not satisfactory enough.

Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot’s free plan includes usage of ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ mode for paraphrasing. But the remaining 5 features are locked behind the premium plan.

quillbot paraphrasing modes

By subscribing to its Premium plan you can get additional 5 modes. Here are the additional rewriting modes: 

  • Simple mode Use this mode if you want to write content in the simplest terms.
  • Formal mode This method of communication is typically employed for formal situations.
  • Creative mode — Use this paraphrase mode to add a little extra originality to your content if you need to. Makes sense if you are working on creative writing.
  • Shorten mode You can make your sentences shorter and more concise with help of this paraphrasing mode.
  • Expand mode — You can build on top of your input with more relevant content with this Expand mode.

Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker presents an advantageous method of discovering and remedying any spelling or grammar issues present in content. It not only produces a flawless article, yet it also allows for proper categorization depending on the context intended. What's more, buyers may purchase tokens once to then exploit with minimal or no limits thereafter.

Anyone and everyone, from students double-checking their assignments to professionals, can easily take advantage of QuillBot's Grammar Checker.

Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot places an emphasis on adhering to scholarly standards of work, making its plagiarism detection tool very useful. With this aid watching over its user's spoken words to avert potential infringements against copyright law, all academics should be able to stay on Google's good side.

Nevertheless, even when you have a Premium account with this service, it will only permit the scanning of 20 pages for plagiarism.

What languages are supported by QuillBot?

Altough QuillBot offers multiple languages, the performance is not comparable when it comes to languages other than English. This makes it unachievable to properly use Quillbot in any other-language scenarios, either at work or academically.

Better QuillBot Alternative for German: TextCortex AI

TextCortex, on the other hand, is available in 25+ languages including German. 

Rephrase your sentences in German, translte from or into German, take advantage of ZenoChat (a superior ChatGPT alternative) in your native tongue, and generate content completely drafted in German.

TextCortex’s Features for German Users

If you're a student or expert who requires artificial intelligence capabilities that create in German, you have arrived at the correct destination. TextCortex offers a variety of features in over 25 languages, with German included among them.

Paraphrase Sentences in German

Use TextCortex's paraphrasing tool to rephrase your content in any text box.

Regardless of what web page you are on, you can conveniently find a paraphrase to your text by simply highlighting your selected words and clicking the "Rewrite" button.

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Expand Content in German

Improve your written material by adding more relevant sentences on top of it with the Expand feature. Add more associated details to make your text even more comprehensive.

Regardless of language, you can employ the Expand function by selecting your chosen written material and pressing the Expand button.

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Translate to/from German

You can also translate your content with our browser extension in one click. Translation is available for 25+ languages and works on 2000+ webpages.

Once you have your material at the ready, highlight it from start to finish and decide on the language you want it translated into. There it is!

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Summarize Text in German

You can get a summary of a lengthy document quickly by highlighting it with TextCortex and clicking on Summarize. Make sure that the extension is installed on your browser. This works with any online text fields.

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German Text to Speech Tool

We also provide the feature of text-to-speech for multiple languages, allowing you to listen to any kind of written material out loud.

With TextCortex, there's no need to read long articles if you don't want to – it takes only one click to have it do the reading for you

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ZenoChat – German ChatGPT Alternative with GPT-4 Support & Web Search

Zeno is able to communicate with you in 25+ languages. You can use ZenoChat for your everyday tasks, creating marketing copies, producing written content, getting quick information anytime, anywhere. 

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You can quickly start working with Zeno by launching the sidebar. Additional information about what Zeno is able to do and its constraints can be found here.