Starting from mid-November 2022, we've been intrigued about what Notion AI has to come up with; Many people expected for quite some time that it would incorporate AI capabilities into my preferred note-taking app.

Now the moment has come. Notion AI has already rolled out and we have got our hands on it. In short, Notion AI truly excels. It encompasses the universally acclaimed GPT engine within the Notion program. No need to leave your note to get AI support. 

You can access Notion AI via pressing the Space button on an empty line or with Ctrl + J shortcut. 

What is Notion AI?

Notion AI is a powerful tool which can assist you in streamlining the writing process, supplying fast and accurate content so you can devote your attention to more significant responsibilities.

Notion AI is more than a simple productivity application – it acts like an ally. Leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Notion AI serves to optimize your workflow and bring a bit of fun into your day.

Once ChatGPT and Bing made conversational artificial intelligence (AI) widely available, Notion jumped on the bandwagon and implemented AI in its own platform.

How Notion is Adopting This New Technology

Conversational AIs and artificial intelligence-powered writing tools are creating a revolution in terms of how content is produced, and Notion AI has also joined the scene. 

OpenAI enabled the general public to access AI language models with ChatGPT, a chatbot that responds to the questions or commands given by the users. Then OpenAI introduced a subscription plan costing $20 monthly granting unlimited access even on a high demand.

Now that artificial intelligence language models are becoming mainstream, most tech companies are trying to get in on the market, and Notion is the latest entrant, it seems.

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Notion AI Features

Essentially, Notion AI offers a handful of AI writing templates for authoring new content — It can also condense lengthy texts, pull out crucial details from disorganized notes, refine your sentence structure, and so much more. Here is a brief list of features Notion AI currently offers: 

Feature Description
Blog Post Generator Automates blog generation process, creating a complete blog in one go.
Summarize Text Condense long form content down to the key points.
Translation Translate sentences to/from the following languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Vietnamese.
Meeting Agenda Produces a plan of action for a meeting based on the subject discussed.
Brainstorm Ideas Generates words to help with idea generation for writing, social media or email content.
Social Media Post Creates catchy social media content & post captions.
Press Release Gives you PR expertise to create effective press releases.
Job Description Create effective job descriptions.

Core Features

Apart from all the above, there seems to be more highlighted features that takes place in the toggle in former places than the others. They are arranged & sorted by the likelyhood of being used by the user. Continue writing for example takes place as the first template after Ask AI to write.

You can kickstart your writing with "Ask AI to write" and then use Continue Writing to keep on building on top of what you have already there.

Continue Writing

Most-commonly used feature of Notion AI is named “continue writing”. It reads your previous content and tries to build on top of it. Sometimes it can be irrelevant but most of the time it works well.

Notion ai continue writing

Summarize Text

This one is extremely useful; Notion AI can summarize long passages of text, pulling out the most salient points.

Find Action Items

This feature will read a text and try to create actionable bullet points from that input. Extremely useful to summarize and note down key points of a meeting for instance.


Notion AI features a translation option as well. Currently it supports a little over 10 languages including: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Vietnamese.

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Explain This

This feature will give you brief explanations when you highlight a long text. In a concise manner, you can benefit from it if you don’t want to spend your time on reading lengthy texts.

Notion AI Cons

Understandably, NotionAI is still relatively a new aspect to Notion in general and there can be some downsides to it. 

  • Continue Writing might not always be relevant to the previous content.
  • Translations might sound clunky at times. 
  • You can’t integrate Notion AI utilities into your workflow on other platforms other than Notion. 
  • Even on a paid plan, AI usage might get limited if it’s excessive.

A Better AI Companion Alternative: TextCortex

TextCortex is a powerful tool with a variety of features that can help you to organize and manage your information, tasks and notes EVERYWHERE on the internet – including Notion itself.

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How to get started with TextCortex?

First of all, make sure that the TextCortex extension is installed and enabled on the platform or website where you are working.

Click on the bubble at the right bottom corner to initialize ZenoChat. And let the magic happen.

Create & manage your work

With TextCortex, managing your work and keeping it organized on Notion is easier than ever.

You can generate notes starting from a simple sentence through our long-form post feature (looks like a giant B) or expand some key concepts into full-on paragraphs with our expand feature (the two arrows pointing in different directions symbol).

Simply highlight your text and select whatever you need from the TextCortex bar!

Browse AI Writing Templates 

Our AI tool comes with a creator suite made of 60+ templates scattered in different categories. Make sure you go through it and discover the most useful ones for you and your team!

If you use Notion as a student, our General & Academic Life categories are perfect to boost your productivity: Use them to take down detailed notes, to-do lists and reminders.

If you use Notion for your personal productivity, the Blogging, Youtube & Social Media categories could be interesting for you to explore as well.

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ZenoChat is the AI assistant you have always wished for.

Simply open our creator suite and start chatting with Zeno: ask a question, request a template, have fun experimenting with random prompts to make the best of it!