Jasper Chat and Chatsonic are conversational AI tools that use generative AI language systems and machine learning. The purpose of both is to enable users to get the output they need by chatting. They analyse users' output with parameters running in the background and generate human-like responses to users.

Let's explore the similarities and differences between Jasper Chat and Chatsonic!


  • The first section has brief information about what Jasper Chat is and its features.
  • The second section has brief information about what Chatsonic is and its features.
  • There is information about ZenoChat by TextCortex which is better than Jasper Chat and Chatsonic.
  • The conclusion section includes a comparison of three conversational AIs.

What is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot tool that aims to give information to users in a conversation format. Its main purpose is to analyse users' questions and prompts and provide the information the user with high accuracy. Jasper Chat has features such as text generation, translation in 29 languages, conversational memory, etc.

Jasper Chat aims to give users a realistic conversation sense by producing human-like outputs. Besides, it has entertainment content such as a joke, riddle, and interactive story.

Text Generation

Jasper Chat is successful in generating text-based tasks as it uses OpenAI's GPT-3 module as an infrastructure. Jasper Chat can complete tasks such as email creation, blog post generation, writing stories, summarizing passages, and writing poems. However, it may not always be able to provide perfect results due to its lack of reasoning, perceiving capability, and personal experiences like a human.

Tone of Voice

Although Jasper Chat doesn't have a tone of voice as an integrated feature, if you give it a passage as input and you ask it to adjust the tone of that passage, it will do so. The tone of voice is important for effectively sending the message to the target audience in emails and articles. Key points that determine the tone of voice are word choice, sentence structure, and attitude.

Generate Content in 29 Languages

Jasper Chat is knowledgeable in the grammar structure of numerous languages since it uses GPT-3 technology. Jasper Chat also produces text in 20+ languages. If you need to send an email to a company whose native language is different from yours, you can translate your email into the company's native language using conversational AIs. So, you can be sure that your message will be clear and concise, and that it will be received the way you intended.

What is Chatsonic?

Chatsonic by Writesonic is a conversational AI tool designed to rival GPT-3. Chatsonic uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate outputs based on prompts and questions. Besides, Chatsonic has the "enable memory" feature that allows it to remember the conversation with the user and use it in the next conversations.

Chatsonic can complete text-based tasks such as email generating, story writing, article & essay creating, translation, summarization, etc. In addition, those text-based tasks can also generate visual outputs.

chatsonic vs jasper chat

Artwork Creation

Chatsonic can take your written description and create artwork based on the prompt you provided. For example, if you enter the "create me a cyberpunk-themed street" prompt in Chatsonic, you will get two cyberpunk-themed street images. Chatsonic produces a minimum of two images. You can also give prompts to update these images and push the limits of your imagination. However, Chatsonic's text-to-image feature does not work as well as Midjourney or DALL-E. Accordingly, you may not always get the image you have in mind.

Latest Google Data

Chatsonic has a feature that can answer your input using current Google news and information. If you want to use this feature, you need to enable the "include latest Google data" option at the top left of Chatsonic's message line. If you do not enable this option, Chatsonic will answer your questions using internet data available until summer 2021. You have to pay an extra word fee to use Chatsonic's latest Google data feature.

Voice Command

Apart from using Chatsonic by typing, it is also possible to use it with voice commands. Chatsonic analyses the user's sound vibrations and translates this data into a digital language to understand the user's command. If you make sure Chatsonic understands your voice command, you need to speak in a clear tone without background noise. Most voice-generating AIs have problems analysing pronunciations that are not yet defined.

Jasper Chat vs. Chatsonic Comparison

Until this part of the article, we have examined general information about Jasper Chat and Chatsonic and their core features. Now we can compare the two chatbots and list the main differences between them.

Both conversational AIs can complete most text-based tasks, such as article writing, email generating, summarization, question & answering, etc. In addition, two conversational AIs can follow the conversation by remembering the inputs of the users and offer relevant responses.

Core Differences

The first difference between Jasper Chat and Chatsonic is that Chatsonic can generate image output. While Jasper Chat can only produce text-related output, Chatsonic can generate images according to the given prompt.

The second difference between Jasper Chat and Chatsonic is that Jasper Chat only uses internet data up to 2021, whereas Chatsonic can use current Google data for an extra fee. If the article you want to produce is related to a topic after summer 2021, Chatsonic is more advantageous.

Another difference between Jasper Chat and Chatsonic is that Chatsonic supports voice input while Jasper Chat does not. If you want to get a response by giving a voice command, you can consider choosing Chatsonic.

One of the differences between the two products is the starting price. Jasper Chat charges $59 for 50,000 words, while Chatsonic charges $19 for 15,000 words. Jasper AI’s starting price is $29 for 20,000 words, but if you want to use Jasper Chat you must purchase at least Boss Mode.  

chatsonic vs jasper chat

A Better Conversational AI: ZenoChat by TextCortex

If you are looking for a conversational AI that has no production limitations after paying a price, ZenoChat by TextCortex is designed for you. ZenoChat can complete all your text-related tasks and allows you to use the latest Google data at no extra cost.

ZenoChat is integrated with 2000+ websites and is compatible with all browsers. In addition, ZenoChat meets the user's needs with the best outputs with more than 60 templates. For example, if you need an affiliate marketing email and you don't know where to start, ZenoChat can create a high-quality and unique affiliate marketing email for you.


All three tools have their advantages and disadvantages. While Chatsonic is also capable of producing images with certain quality, Jasper Chat stays a bit behind that feature and has extremely expensive pricing (+ with limitations). On the other hand, TextCortex has the quality of GPT-4 infrastructure, can be customized by the user themselves with different personas, and has the most recent information on the internet and is able to present it to you with cited sources. What more could you ask from an AI companion?