Slack is a cloud-based set of tools and services for team collaboration. It provides real-time messaging, archiving and to search for modern teams. The communication between teams can also be strengthened with Slack Apps / Slack Extensions.

What are Slack Apps?

Slack apps or Slack integrations are tools that you can integrate into Slack channels to expand your work communication. They let you access more functionalities from a single platform. 

In other words, they allow you to make use of your everyday third party tools without having to leave Slack. 

what are slack apps?

Are Slack Integrations Free?

You can add up to 10 apps to workspaces if you are on Slack free plan. If you're on one of Slack's paid plans, you can install as many apps as you'd like—there's no limit! 

Keep in mind that some app services require payment or a subscription to use their product before you use it in Slack.

Benefits of Using Slack Integrations

  1. Centralized platform for task management, budgeting, issue tracking and so much more can be achieved with integrated apps.
  1. Enhancing interaction and collaboration within remote teams is supported as messaging and other communication tasks are managed within one central platform, thereby facilitating team development.
  1. Slack apps provide a wealth of functionality to help streamline workflows and increase productivity. With robust integrations, Slack apps can be used to integrate with other apps and services, making it easier to access and share information across multiple platforms.
  1. Also these apps are so fun to play with. Most of them break free from the monotonous workflows and make things a little more interesting. 

How to Add Apps to Your Slack Workspace

Go to the Slack App Directory if you're just establishing your workspace, or if you would like to explore all of the apps available. People in your workspace that want to investigate an app already on their workspace can use the app directory.

recommended slack extensions

Browse Apps in the App Directory

You can use the App Directory for searching particular apps or obtaining apps that suit your workflow – it includes more than two thousand integrations.

Adding Apps to Slack Workspace

By default, members of the workspace are allowed to install apps in Slack. Should you come across an app that interests you, simply press the Add to Slack button in the Slack App Directory.

How to integrate ChatGPT with Slack?

It is an undeniable fact that generative AI is making our job whole a lot easier by streamlining our workflows to a certain extent.

It is quite understandable that you want to automate your work even further. Although there is not a direct integration between OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Slack as of now, there are some workarounds to get ChatGPT into your Slack workspace.

Slack ChatGPT Bot

One of them is building your own Slack chatbot using Slack’s and OpenAI’s API. It is a bit tricky for non-tech people and too much of a hustle to be honest. 

So, you need to follow the following steps to be able to create your Slack Chatbot.

Integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT within Slack (Step by step)

  1. On the “Apps” menu, click on Build button.
  2. Click on the “Add a Bot User” button and give your new bot a username.
  3. Get the Bot’s API Token from “Bot User OAuth Access Token” section.
  4. Establish a connection with the Slack RTM (real-time messaging) API by using the Slack API. That way, your bot will be able to get Slack messages instantly.
  5. Process the messages with ChatGPT Using OpenAI API.
  6. Have an OpenAI API key and import the OpenAI API client library into your code and use it to verify your API key.
  7. ChatGPT will respond with a JSON object that forecasts the following word in the conversation speech. This output can function as input to create an appropriate response for dialogue continuity.
  8. Return the ChatGPT result to the Slack channel by using Slack API again.

Too boring right? Thankfully, there is a better alternative using the same generative AI capabilities, omnipresent in thousands of platforms and easy-to-use with just one click. 

Introducing: ZenoChat by TextCortex - A Powerful ChatGPT Alternative for Slack

ZenoChat is not a Slack App / Slack integration on its own (yet), but rather a browser extension that can be activated wherever you are on the internet, and that also covers Slack. 

You can use Zeno to sum up long meeting notes, create future agendas for meetings, write emails and tons of other things you can imagine. All happening within the Slack workspace. 

integrating chatgpt to slack

Zeno Mode - AI Writing Assistant

Zeno also comes as an AI writing assistant that can help you with almost everything related to writing any form of text. 

Zeno mode works on the existing text you have already created unlike the way ZenoChat works. Either way, they are both well-integrated into your workflow. 

How to integrate chatgpt to slack?

How to get started with ZenoChat (ChatGPT) Extension for Slack?

This is A LOT EASIER to achieve when compared with the steps above. Follow these steps to instantly get an AI companion by your side – use it anytime, anywhere. This extension works on multiple Chromium-based browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Vivaldi.

chatgpt alternative for slack
  1. Go to Chrome Web Store
  2. Install TextCortex AI Extension
  3. Start collaborating with generative AI. 

Congratulations! Now you have the power of generative AI in your hands. Streamline your workflow and enhance your communication with your team on Slack.