Slack is an online communication and collaboration platform that has quickly become an essential tool for teams of all sizes.

It allows for easy, organized communication by creating channels for specific topics or projects, and enables users to send messages directly to individuals or groups.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with AI on Slack!

Using ChatGPT for Slack Chats

Slack is revolutionizing the way teams communicate and collaborate. With its intuitive user interface, the platform is making it easier than ever for teams to stay connected and work together more effectively. And utilizing AI tools for your Slack communication can be an effective way to increase productivity. 

But can you really use ChatGPT on Slack?

Partially yes. But that won’t be enough to cover your needs. Also, due to constant high demand for ChatGPT, you will have difficulty accessing ChatGPT most of the time. Though it is pretty useful to summarize meeting memos, long announcements and brainstorming business ideas.

chatgpt for slack

How to use ChatGPT for Slack Communication?

Create your OpenAI account 

First thing you need to do is create an account for OpenAI to be able to use its products including ChatGPT. You can easily use sign-ons and get your account ready in one click. 

Go to the ChatGPT Page

In another tab, you need to open up ChatGPT and hope that there is not much demand at the time. Once you are in, you are ready to roll. 

Start using it for Slack in "another tab"

Now in times of need, you can go back to that tab and start asking ChatGPT to create whatever you need for your Slack communication. But if you are the type of person that has 100+ tab open all the time, you might find it difficult to use.

Better Alternative: ZenoChat by TextCortex

Wouldn’t you want to not get stuck with high demand all the time and get lost within thousands of browser tabs while searching for ChatGPT back and forth? Here’s the solution for that: ZenoChat.

The first thing you should do is make sure the TextCortex extension is enabled on the website or platform you’re using. So, in this case, Slack.

Simply click on the extension and enable all the permissions you need to work smoothly. For easier access, we suggest enabling the sidebar bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen as well. Then let the magic happen.

chat gpt for slack


Now you have a constant AI companion by your side: ZenoChat.

Open up our creator suite and start chatting with Zeno right away! Ask a question or give it a command and it will assist you in no time. You can bring Zeno wherever you are on the internet and use it anytime you need, with just one click.

Zeno Assistant

Your very own AI assistant at your service anytime, anywhere. Automate tedious tasks with Zeno. Have Zeno to create something new from scratch or summarize what’s important and actionable. No need to jump back and forth between your notes and a separate AI app. With Zeno, you can:

  • Brainstorm ideas & create your first draft from scratch
  • Rewrite sentences
  • Fix spelling & grammar
  • Make texts longer / shorter
  • Translate in 25+ languages

and so much more.

Explore AI Writing Templates

Our creator suite comes with 60+ templates scattered in useful categories. But which ones could be actually useful on Slack? Let’s take a look.

General category

Use the first category to change the fluency, creativeness or the general structure of your text, until you’re happy with the result. Think of all the notes you could generate and organize in a matter of seconds!

Ads & marketing category

If Slack is the tool your team is using to brainstorm ideas for an effective and appealing ad, this category is ideal to make the process easier.

Our templates will give you headlines, titles and tagline ideas for you to build upon! 

Summarize Meeting Notes

Use TextCortex to summarize lengthy text or your meeting notes. That will help you save 70% of your time reading all of these notes and it will enable you to focus more on work. 

Create Future Agendas

You can briefly create agendas for future meetings in an organized way and let your team know about all the details in seconds.