Are you a student, professional, or an individual user wanting to take your Spanish skills to a next level? Then online grammar checkers can be incredibly useful for detecting spelling mistakes and improving your Spanish grammar

Let's take a look at some of the online grammar checkers you can trust when checking the grammar of your Spanish texts.


  • SpanishChecker is functional for users who want to find out their own spelling & grammar mistakes in Spanish. ($16 for one-year licence)
  • LanguageTool corrects your spelling mistakes in Spanish and provides features such as paraphrasing and synonyms. ($19.90/mo)
  • TextCortex has all the features combined and offers many more such as text generating, translation, paraphrasing, spelling & grammar checks, synonym finding in 25+ languages - including Spanish.


SpanishChecker is an online grammar checker designed to find spelling and grammar errors in Spanish texts. Thanks to its advanced AI system, it can detect errors in your text and explain them to you.

You can also catch your mistakes and improve your Spanish grammar skills by using SpanishChecker.

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Who can Use SpanishChecker?

For students studying Spanish as a second language, SpanishChecker can be a helpful resource to improve their writing skills quickly and effectively. Its feedback interface is perfect for those who want to advance their language skills.

Moreover, if you own a business with a Spanish customer base and don't want to make embarrassing grammatical mistakes when communicating with them, then SpanishChecker might be the saviour you're looking for.

Core Features

The Core features of SpanishChecker include:

• Editor – Helps the user to find, understand, and correct spelling & grammar mistakes.

• Vocabulary – 40 hours of Spanish lessons with around 500 most commonly used words.

• Grammar – Basic grammar and spelling guide for those who want to learn Spanish.

SpanishChecker's editor feature checks up to 500 words in the free version. It also has a feedback interface that explains spelling and grammar errors in the user's text.

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SpanishChecker Pricing

To use SpanishChecker ad-free and unlimited, you must purchase the Pro version. The pro version also has advantages such as a fullscreen editor and personal writing archive. You can get SpanishChecker's one-year Pro license for $16.


LanguageTool is an AI-powered proofreading tool designed for spelling & grammar checks in more than 20 languages. Spanish is among the 20 languages that LanguageTool supports.

LanguageTool is a handy and dependable checker to make sure your Spanish texts are error-free.

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Who can Use LanguageTool?

If you are not a native Spanish speaker and want to improve your Spanish skills, LanguageTool is designed for you. If you are a student in a Spanish course and want to make sure your articles are error-free, you can use LanguageTool.

If you are a blogger, marketer or business professional who needs to produce Spanish content, you can use LanguageTool. Thus, you can avoid making embarrassing grammar mistakes and produce quality content.

LanguageTool is the perfect choice for you if you have a business that works with multiple languages, as it can do grammar checks in 20+ languages.

LanguageTool Features

The main features of LanguageTool include:

• Spelling & grammar Checker

• Paraphrase

• Fix Punctuation

• Synonyms Checker

LanguageTool comes with a personal dictionary. You can add words that you would like the grammar checker to bypass and not flag into your personal dictionary. This feature is functional when you don't want to change specific words.

LanguageTool Pricing

If you want to use all the features of LanguageTool without limits, you need to get its premium plan. LanguageTool offers four different premium plans;

• 2 Years – You will be charged $99 for the two-year license.

• Annual – You will be charged $59.90 for the one-year license.

• Quarterly – You will be charged $39 for the three-month license.

• Monthly – You will be charged $19.90 for the one-month license.

A Better Alternative as a Spanish Grammar Checker: TextCortex

TextCortex is a stellar writing aid specifically created to fulfill all of your writing requirements. It is accessible both as a web app and browser extension. TextCortex provides remarkable features that will help you complete your tasks to excellent standards in no time at all. You can use it on over 2000 websites with more than 60 templates, and this selection includes support for 25+ languages too.

If you're wondering how TextCortex will take your Spanish writing to the next level, keep reading!

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Translate to/from Spanish

TextCortex has the function to translate between 25+ languages including Spanish. All you must do is highlight the text you want to translate and click the translate icon.

After translating your text to Spanish, you can use all the other features of TextCortex. For example, with the paraphrase feature of TextCortex, you can rewrite your text with different words or lengthen/shorten your text. Don't forget to select Spanish as the output language to use all the features of TextCortex in Spanish!

Text to Speech in Spanish

If you have problems with Spanish pronunciation, TextCortex's text-to-speech feature is designed for you. With TextCortex's TTS feature, you can learn how to pronounce words and sentences and improve your speaking skill.

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All you must do is highlight your text, click on the little speaker symbol. That’s all, your text is now ready to be listened to.

Zeno Assistant by TextCortex

To produce high-quality text, you must complete the essential steps. These steps can be listed as choosing a topic, doing research and creating an outline, writing content, and proofreading & editing your text. If you are looking for an assistant to help you through this whole process, Zeno Assistant is designed for you. Plus, Zeno Assistant can produce high-quality outputs in 25+ languages. Zeno Assistant's features include;

• Fix Spelling & Grammar

• Make Longer/Shorter

• Simplify Language

• Create Blog Post/Essay/Outline/Social Media Post

• Find Action Items/Meeting Agenda

• Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite

• Continue Writing

If you're looking to enhance the clarity and excellence of your Spanish writing, we suggest giving Zeno Assistant a try. Here is Zeno in action.

ZenoChat – Chat in 25+ Languages

Did you know that the best conversational AI to accompany you in your entire internet adventure also works wonders in Spanish? 

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ZenoChat can generate emails, articles, and product descriptions, and provide detailed information about recent topics in Spanish.