Slack is a cloud-based collaboration and communication platform used by businesses, teams, and other organizations. It provides instant messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, voice calls, and various other features to help users collaborate effectively. 

Slack also offers integrations with many third-party applications to extend its functionality.

What are those Slack integrations?

Slack apps are actually third party utilities that you can integrate into your Slack channels for broader work-related talks. They make it possible for you to gain access to greater functional abilities from just a single system. 

Simply put, they give you a chance to make use of your familiar external tools without leaving your Slack tab.

slack integrations

How can Slack Apps Enhance Your Experience?

On a centralized platform like Slack will help you encompass task management, issue tracking and do much more with the help of integrated apps. 

Interaction enhancement and collaboration within virtual teams is bolstered via messaging managed on a single platform, thereby contributing to team growth more efficiently.

Slack apps feature plenty of purpose for smoothing work processes and reinforcing proficiency. Via solid integration responses, these software solutions have the power to activate correspondence between several compilations - making data retrieval and sharing faster among distinct structures.

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How to Integrate Apps into Your Slack Workspace

Go to the Slack App Directory if you're just establishing your workspace, or if you would like to explore all of the apps available.

Browse Apps in the App Directory

You can use the App Directory for searching particular apps or obtaining apps that suit your workflow – it includes more than two thousand integrations.

Adding Apps to Slack Workspace

If you discover an app you like, just click the "Add to Slack" / "Add" button in the Slack App Directory and voila! Now you can start configuring the app you have just added.

Best AI Chatbots to Integrate with Slack

There are a lot of tools to help you automate your workflow and enhance your team communication on Slack. In this article, we are listing our own selection of AI tools for Slack integrations.

ZenoChat by TextCortex - A Powerful ChatGPT App for Slack

ZenoChat is a generative AI tool developed by TextCortex with a purpose to automate workflow in almost every area. 

You can use Zeno to sum up long meeting notes, create future agendas for meetings, write emails and tons of other things you can imagine. All happening within your browser. 

chatgpt for slack workspace

Zeno Mode - AI Writing Assistant

Zeno also comes as a writing assistant that can help you with anything related to writing. 

You just need to provide some input / command for Zeno, highlight it and activate it to get the most desirable output. Either way, both ZenoChat and Zeno are well-integrated with Slack to streamline your workflow. 

zenochat for slack

How to get started with TextCortex ChatGPT Extension for Slack?

First, you need to enable the TextCortex extension in your browser. The extension is available on multiple Chromium-based browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Vivaldi.

textcortex browser extension
  1. Go to Chrome Web Store
  2. Install TextCortex AI Extension
  3. Start enhancing your workflow with generative AI. 

Congratulations! Now you have the power of generative AI in your hands. Streamline your workflow and enhance your communication with your team on Slack.

Chatbot For Slack

ChatBot allows you to create a chatbot for different services. You can integrate this bot with platforms such as Slack, Facebook or use it on your website with their chat widget.

chatbot for slack


Talla automates workflows, answers common questions and makes content actionable. Talla helps.

Talla’s aim is to Increase rep productivity and automate workflows. You can improve customer satisfaction and rep productivity by getting Talla to answer common support questions within Slack channels.

generative ai for slack

NLSQL Bot for Slack

NLSQL bot is a great tool to increase your efficiency in getting the data you need instantly. Within the free version, it only shows USA import / export data. So you can freely try it out to see its performance. 

If you want to connect this bot to your own database, you have to pay for the premium plan. NLSQL bot leverages Natural Language Processing capabilities to understand your input and create the output based on your needs.