Senior NLP / Deep Learning Engineer

We are Text Cortex AI and are on a mission to enable 100x more businesses to matter in the digital space.

At the core of our company we are striving to hypercharge every textbox there is with the newest natural language generation technology. We have built an AI platform for copywriting that empowers individual writers and businesses to create faster, create more and create better content in the text-intensive digital marketing game.

There has never been a more exciting time to join us. Since our launch, we have been installed by over 4500 people, created more than 7m words, and have an active bunch of power users who use our software to reduce their work by 70%! We have raised capital from Entrepreneur First, a fund being backed by Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn), Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind) and Taavet Hinrikus (Wise) and have assembled a set of strong seed investors for the future. (undisclosed).

Together with you, we want to change how we are writing all the text online.

Be an early part of one of the 200 hottest European AI startups according to DT2 Invest and the European Commission!

What we are looking for

We want to be transparent with you, this position is not for everyone. We are looking for our first key hire to take responsibility and leadership in developing our natural language generation algorithms even further side by side with our experienced CTO. Somebody who is well accustomed and not afraid to jump from data collection to text prediction, from the code to the whiteboard. Somebody who starts with a good base to grow with the trajectory of the company.

We know that the below areas could each be filled by an own team and in two years it will be. However, for now, we look for somebody who wants to put skin in the game, roll up their sleeves together with us and drive our growth.

Areas you will work with:

  • Natural language generation - For now we are working mostly with different transformer architectures. Seeing ourselves as model-agnostic we are continuously experimenting with what leads to the best language generation
  • Model and data management - Our biggest assets are the datasets and the models we a continuously creating. You will have a major impact at the very core of our company.
  • Model and pipeline performance - Improving current processes and pipelines to run even more resource-efficient. Currently we have reached same performance levels as OpenAI GPT-3 with 20x smaller models. We would like to push this even further and make text generation as fast as possible.
  • Data Acquisition - We value strong datasets to achieve outstanding results with our technology. Creativity in searching and acquiring the best data is the strongest moat we create. On top of writing scrapers to collect data, you should also be able to apply NLP techniques to further augment our raw datasets further.
  • Cloud Computing - We started with a server under the founder's desk moving to build cloud-agnostic software. Having experience with GCP and AWS is a must have.

What you should bring along

  • Past experience, a portfolio of past work and experience or a degree in machine learning, statistics, data science, or a related field.
  • AI and/or SaaS Experience, from a fast-growing seed to a series A company.
  • Tech Stack, you should have knowledge in Python and frameworks such as Pytorch, Transformers and Kubernetes for inferencing.
  • Cloud Native, we are running all our compute operations on Cloud providers such as GCP and AWS. We expect you to have sufficient proficiency in managing resources that is needed for inferencing and training on cloud products.
  • Outstanding analytical skills, demonstrated ability to break down complex problems, ability to frame the right questions, objectively analyze and evaluate a problem or issue, and problem-solve including simulating possible outcomes.
  • Growth ownership, show us how your past experiences tie in our early challenges
  • Domain knowledge with previous demonstrated experience in growing SaaS products around SME, Enterprise, and content software
  • Thirst for growth, you are on the verge from tactician to strategist and want to grow at the same speed the company grows
  • Outstanding writing skills, we are a team of passionate writers ourselves. We see the written word as a key for communicating internally as well as externally, the ability to effectively cause both understanding and action in others without the use of the written word is essential.
  • Ability to execute, you can get things done fast and influence people towards a particular objective.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset to seek opportunities to help with all aspects of the technology - act like an owner with the goal to make correct decisions;
  • Fluent in English; All our communications are written and in English.

Benefits & Perks

  • 👨‍💼 Make a difference: At Text Cortex, you get the autonomy to make impactful decisions and drive results responsibility. You'll play a crucial role in building out our company and have the potential to take on bigger responsibilities in the future.
  • 🕹️ Skin in the game / shared ownership: We offer a competitive mix of salary and employee stock options to make you a true part of our company.
  • 🙌 Room for Growth: We value an honest feedback culture and try to give everyone a fair room to grow personally and professionally.
  • 🌏 Flexible working: It doesn't matter where, when, and how you work. Getting impactful results is what truly matters.
  • 👯‍♀️ Company retreats: We host regular team events and company retreats to bring everyone together. Team building, aligning our vision, setting objectives, and celebrating wins is our key to direct this rocket straight to the moon.

If you can identify yourself with the following you will  make most likely a strong fit to our culture:

  • Do you believe that value is first created when there is use of a creation?
  • Do you like to go for ambitional 10x instead of 10% improvements?
  • Do you see yourself as in a potential leadership position?
  • Do you believe that it doesn’t matter when, where or how long a result takes as long as it is actionable and the right move to do?
  • Do you believe that winning in small teams is admirable?
  • Do you believe in asking challenging questions to rethink fundamentals and create innovation?
  • Do you believe in continuous feedback to become a compounding better version X.0?
  • Do you believe in diverse backgrounds and life stories as contributions?
  • Do you believe that everything is an experiment to gather data and validate even if it goes against your intuition?

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