In this article, we will compare the features of Wordtune and Ginger - two online grammar checkers that also have their respective browser extensions. If you are wondering which of the two is more advantageous for you, this article will provide a comparison between them.


  • Wordtune is an AI writing assistant with features such as rewrite, text creation, summarization, and continue writing.
  • Wordtune's Spices feature generates continuation sentences for your article in different styles.
  • Ginger is an AI writing tool designed for grammar check and synonyms.
  • Ginger and Wordtune have similarities such as spelling & grammar checker, paraphrasing and synonyms.
  • Ginger and Wordtune have some differences. Ginger can be used on more devices, while Wordtune generates continuation sentences.
  • TextCortex has more features as an AI companion than both Ginger's and Wordtune's capabilities with better pricing.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI writing assistant that uses machine learning technologies to meet the various needs of writers. Its browser extension scans your text, detecting potential spelling & grammar errors and recommending alternative words. If you're looking for a spelling & grammar checker for your article, Wordtune is the one to try! It has more features than a regular spelling & grammar checker.

Wordtune Features

While Wordtune's browser extension is a useful tool for detecting spelling & grammar errors, it has more features. Wordtune provides plenty of functions to accelerate writing tasks and improve efficiency. Let's take a closer look at Wordtune's features.

  • Spelling & Grammar checker
  • Rewrite
  • Text Creation
  • Summarization 
  • Continue Writing
  • Explain
  • Make it Formal
  • Make it Casual

One of the most advantageous features of Wordtune is Spices. Spices analyse all your text and create continuation sentences. But you can choose the tone and style of these follow-up sentences. Spices has options such as give an example, counterargument, define, emphasize, and make a joke. Each option allows you to continue your text by creating different sentence structures. For example, if you want to add a few joke sentences to your article, you can choose the Spices' make a joke option.

Advantages of Wordtune

Wordtune is an excellent choice for checking spelling and grammar. Plus, if you're having trouble keeping up with your article, its "Spices" feature is designed to help!

With the Wordtune text creation feature, it can create a blog post, meeting agenda, or LinkedIn post for you. Using the "Spices"  feature, you can add continuation sentences to this post and write an article from scratch. In short, with Wordtune you can strengthen your writing and get high-quality outputs.

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune has three different pricing plans, Free, Premium and Premium for Teams. The free plan enables the usage of up to 10 rewrites per day. If you wish to access the complete range of options Wordtune has to offer, it is available for $24.99 monthly.

wordtune vs ginger

What is Ginger?

Ginger is an AI writing tool that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing technologies. Ginger detects spelling & grammar errors in users' text and offers alternatives to correct them. Also, Ginger has synonyms suggestions for all the words in your text. Ginger's AI-based synonyms technology scans the web to create a list of synonyms for the words you use in your text. So, you can access more than enough alternative usage for a word.

ginger vs wordtune

Ginger Features

Ginger has various features to improve the writing quality and provide a smoother writing experience. If you want to improve the quality of your writing and get an error-free article, we recommend that you consider Ginger. Let's take a closer look at Ginger's features;

• Grammar Checker

• AI-based Synonyms

• Paraphrase

• Translate

• Word Definition

Ginger offers useful features for an article or essay. These features help to make writing faster, easier, and more accurate.

Advantages of Ginger

Ginger is available as a web application, browser extension, desktop app, and mobile app. Its greatest asset is its compatibility across multiple devices - you can start a writing assignment in the web application and continue your mobile device! It means you can manage your writing tasks without interruption and boost your productivity.

Another advantage of Ginger is its AI-based synonyms feature. You can find synonyms for the word you want using this feature. If you want to find synonyms within seconds while writing your article, Ginger is designed for you.

Ginger's paraphrasing feature splits your paragraphs into sentences and suggests alternatives for each sentence. With this feature, you can manage the sentences in your paragraph and edit your article as you wish.

Ginger Pricing

Ginger has five different pricing plans. If you want to use Ginger for a month, you must pay $19.99. You can also get 2-year, annual and quarterly plans by paying upfront. Although these plans take the entire payment in one go, they are cheaper than the monthly payment.

Wordtune vs Ginger Comparison

Although Wordtune and Ginger have different interfaces and features, they also have similar features. Both tools are designed to correct users' spelling & grammar errors. They offer various features in addition to the spelling & grammar checker.

If you're curious about the differences and similarities between the two, keep reading!


The first similarity between Wordtune and Ginger is the spelling & grammar checker feature of both. If you are looking for an AI tool to fix typos in your text, you can consider Wordtune and Ginger.

Both tools offer paraphrasing and synonyms features for their users. They analyse your texts and create original sentences/paragraphs while keeping meaning.

Although Ginger offers a different interface for synonyms, you can access them by selecting a word with Wordtune's browser extension.


The first difference between Ginger and Wordtune is Wordtune's Spices feature. This feature is an AI algorithm that creates continuation sentences by scanning users' texts. If you want to get new sentences to complete your paragraph, Wordtune will be more useful for you.

The second difference between Wordtune and Ginger is device availability. Wordtune is only available as a browser extension and a web application. In contrast, Ginger can be used on more devices - desktop app, mobile app, browser extension and web application.

A Better Alternative: TextCortex

If you're looking for an alternative tool to Wordtune and Ginger with more functionalities and affordable pricing, then TextCortex is designed for you. It was designed to meet the needs of students, writers, marketers, and all individuals working with content all day.

TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. Plus, it can be used on 2000+ websites with more than 60 templates.

TextCortex comes with ZenoChat, the best conversational AI you have always wished for. Need to research about a topic? Just ask Zeno. Zeno will give you all the recent information on the internet with cited sources. Let Zeno be your AI companion for your academic journey.

Zeno Assistant

Imagine the best Conversational AI that can also help you with your writing tasks - here comes Zeno Assistant! It's designed to complete various writing tasks with its features, including:

  • Fix Spelling & Grammar
  • Make Longer/Shorter
  • Simplify Language
  • Create Blog Post/Essay/Outline/Social Media Post
  • Find Action Items/Meeting Agenda
  • Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite
  • Continue Writing

With Zeno Assistant's Continue Writing feature, you can create continuation sentences for your paragraph. Zeno Assistant reads your article and creates high-quality and consistent follow-up sentences.

All the features of Zeno Assistant are just one click away!