Are you tired of writing content that will attract more readers or customers while being a worthy rival to competing businesses at the same time?

Or are you spending a lot of money paying content writers and getting results that don’t suit your needs?

We know your pain.

And you are not the only one. A lot of companies have the same headaches: low readability, poor SEO results, and content that the targeted audience is not interested in.

In that situation, AI text generators are the cure for your problems that can save you time, money, and nerves while eliminating the lack of inspiration.

In this article, we will explain what is an AI ​​text generator, how it works, what its benefits are, and what do you need to know before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s begin.

What is an AI text generator and how does it work?

AI text generator is a software that generates texts by collecting countless data from existing content, such as web pages, search engines, and even videos on the Internet. Based on what people have written so far, AI generators can recognize patterns and trends and propose new ideas for creating more and better quality texts.

In addition, AI text generators can help you improve spelling and grammar or even change your writing style.

Regarding AI text generation, we must also mention the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) model.

It is a model that uses deep learning to create human-like texts and has a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters. This way, high-quality content can be achieved in less time.

But, there are a few things to be careful with when using GPT-3 writing tools.

How does an AI generator work?

AI text generators can calculate billions of words on the Internet using algorithms and turn a few words, sentences, and paragraphs into an entire article.

Simply said, you provide them with input, choose the kind of output you want it to create, and then wait for it to deliver you with the final output.

These tools use Machine Learning (ML) to research, check grammar and tone, and write articles.

How can AI text generators help you and your business?

AI text generators are being used by large media houses for complex articles, but are also in other industries, small and large businesses.

AI text generators can help you:

1. Save time, money, and resources - AI text generators can create texts within seconds and for less money. Thus, they allow you to use the time you would have spent writing the text or paying someone to write the desired text, it allows you to focus more on  creativity, and strategies.

For example, you can use the TextCortex generator to write a blog post for you:

Define the title of your text and enter a few keywords idea within a textbox.

Then choose the content's length, language you want your output to be, and hit Create.

Voila! Your blog post is almost ready!

Or you can use different AI Text Generator templates for other types of content that can help you with your worklow.

2. Improves content quality and SEO - Most AI text generators work quickly and do not make spelling or grammar mistakes. They follow guidelines to stay consistent in all the content they produce.

The algorithm collects relevant keywords from web searches and creates relevant content. Based on that research and the output, your content tends to rank at the top of Google much easier. You can use AI to increase your social media presence by creating frequent content for your target audience.

For example: Imagine that you have to create 15 different descriptions for the same product. This can be very tiring work with an inevitable drop in inspiration.

AI text generators easily bypass such problems and can quickly generate dozens of different content of the same quality. Additionally, it can ensure that your contents have a good variety and significantly increase readability.

3. Makes texts sound human - This type of tools Natural language processing (NLP). In other words, they can learn how the target audience speaks. Expressing a specific audience brings the written content closer to them and can help you increase the conversion rate.

4. Better conversions and customer service - AI-generated content meets SEO requirements and provides the customer with the essential information about the product. This way, readers don't have to waste time looking for additional information on the Internet. They can save time and decide to buy from you.

5. Expand the market  - The AI text generator knows no borders. It can create the desired text in different languages, enabling your offer's availability outside your language area.

6. Avoids legal problems - In many industries, texts about products must meet specific requirements. Mistakes or omissions in such details can cost you big time. This can be important when you need to write about food or medical products. If you want to avoid such scenarios, the AI generator can consider the notes you've added and avoid costly oversights.

Despite all the above, AI text generators have several disadvantages.

What are the downsides of AI text generators?

AI text generators are not all-powerful, which brings us to their deficiencies:

1. Lack of empathy and human connection - Although AI text generators can produce impressive output, the generated content often lacks human-sounding. This is why you need to review each generated content before the publish and color it with a bit of empathy, resulting in a much stronger connection with the readers.

After all, people trust those who understand them.

So, AI text generators can produce excellent text that will be informative to customers, but they need to be seasoned with a bit of compassion so that the content hits the spot and turns the reader into a customer.

2. Lack of creativity and imagination - The content created by artificial intelligence is based on the data it has collected and the information provided to it. It can't create new and fresh ideas if it’s based on GPT-3 

3. Lack of depth in content - AI-generated text cannot be subjective and can't give you an opinion. In simpler terms, it can tell you whether something is good or bad. However, specific problems can arise in the so-called gray areas, i.e., creating opinions about products or services.

While a machine can talk about a product's appearance and features like a pro, it can't discuss or give an opinion on a topic or product.

All written above can be summed up in one example.

For example, AI text generators can present you with a black sweater, then a red one described differently but with the same text quality. What it still can't convey to you is that the patterns are in the form of flowers that remind you of spring, the feeling when you put it on and compare it to a warm hug or childhood, etc.

Before you look for an AI generator that suits your needs, a few things can help you choose the right one.

How to choose the right AI text generator?

When choosing the right AI text generator for your needs, you should look out for these things:

1. User-friendly interface - One of the most important things when choosing an AI text generator is its ease of use. Otherwise, if you choose a complicated interface, you may have to spend hours and hours learning how to use a tool that can waste your time.

2. Output content quality - High-quality content is what can make you an essential player in the market but also what will set you apart from the competition. You can achieve this with AI text generators that can generate high-quality human-like content.

This is the case with tools that have their own use-case modules which can simplify your content writing and save your time.

3. SEO and keywords optimization - Content is effective only if it reaches the intended audience. To get the targeted audience, your article needs to rank well. Therefore, you need to find those queries that your target audience is searching for. 

AI content writers should help you create SEO-optimized content and help you rank faster. It’s crucial because SEO generates more visitors, which means more money.

4. Variety of templates - You consider the potential AI content generator by looking at the features you need. Templates are essentially a pattern that the AI generator can follow. Each template offers a unique solution to the user - blogs, marketing copies, outreach emails, etc.

5. Pricing - Before buying an AI text generator, consider whether it matches your budget and provides enough value. It should not only be reasonably priced but also should be niceto offer a free trial. This is crucial because it lets you learn more about the specific AI tool before you start using it.

6. Grammar checker - Grammatically poor content can make your quality content look unprofessional. Therefore, any top AI writing tool needs a quality grammar checker that ensures your content quality is never compromised.

7. Plagiarism checker - AI writers can sometimes generate identical text to the one existing on the web. It can be a problem for your website that can get penalized. So, AI writers should contain a plagiarism checker. It allows you to verify if content generated by the AI is authentic.

8. Different languages - It is recommended that the AI ​​writer provides languages ​​other than English. That makes it easy for you to target global audiences.

9. Rephraser extension - In the massive number of texts published daily on the Internet, it is  challenging to remain unique. Your content can still have the same point but be said slightly differently if the AI ​​text generator contains a rephrasing extension.

Final word

We hope this article will help you decide what your ideal AI text generator needs to provide you with.

Our advice is to choose wisely and carefully because otherwise, it can affect both the value of the written content and your earnings.

To begin with, choose the generator that will give you the ability to create some of the content for free to decide if you can adapt it to your business requirements.

For example, TextCortex allows you to generate 15 free creations daily for any content, and you can always receive more free creations by recommending the software.

And if you like it, the paid plans won't be a heavy burden on your wallet.


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