Are you trying to find an ideal alternative that can produce the quality content and results within search engine optimization?

While search engine optimization and high-quality content generation are necessities in modern content creation, not all tools provide the same capabilities.

In addition, it's common for all these basics to come at a hefty price today. There's a common belief that the higher the quality of the tool, the higher the expected price is.

That doesn't always have to be the case, though.

Today, we'll show you the best 4 alternatives that offer strong competition in all 3 areas: quality of output, SEO optimization capability, and price.

Identifying your cherry-pick is entirely up to you.

But first, we'll go over a quick overview, so you can get a firmer grasp of the list's resources.

Let the tour begin! Overview

frase-io-homepage is an AI-driven SEO and content creation platform that helps writers, bloggers, content creators, agency owners, and digital marketers produce high-quality SEO content.

It combines machine learning, natural language processing, and user behavior analytics to help businesses produce better content more quickly and efficiently.

The core features of are its content optimization features and answers engine that can help you:

  • Analyze your content
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Draft an SEO-friendly outline
  • Prepare content briefs
  • Write articles
  • Answer your website visitors' questions Hot Features

1. Content brief's Content briefs allow you to quickly and easily compile search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly summaries from the top results for any given target search query.

This function can save you a lot of time by compiling all of the best content from across the web and analyzing it for you.

🎯Produce briefs of fully-optimized content within 6 seconds.

🎯Look over the most important keywords, headers, and concepts used by your competitors.

🎯Automate repetitive tasks by creating and storing your own brief templates.

2. Content writing

You can use the Content writer feature to quickly and easily generate optimized content, such as: 

  • High-converting SEO copy
  • Automated outline creation
  • Blog post introductions
  • Product descriptions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And more

The’s "Write for Me" functionality allows you to automatically complete your sentences or generate an entirely new paragraph.

Furthermore, it can enhance the quality of your writing, which enables you to automatically paraphrase and rewrite your paragraphs.

3. Content optimization

The Content optimization function provides an intuitive text editor that ranks your content based on a topic model.

It provides you with a list of relevant topics and the suggested number of mentions for each, which can improve your content's search engine optimization. 

With the Content optimization feature, you can: 

🎯Use a topic model to determine which keywords you should include in your writing.

🎯Analyze the keywords used by your top competitors for your content.

4. Content analytics

The dashboard provided by the Content Opportunities tool will help you quickly and easily identify and categorize the most promising content creation opportunities.

By analyzing the data in Google Search Console, can recommend specific areas to focus on in future. It can be useful for:

🎯Find low-performing pages that could use a facelift in the search engine results.

🎯Find long-tail keywords with high search volume but low-ranking competition.

🎯Automatically create keyword groups to boost your content strategy. Pricing comes with 3 premium plans.


Now that we know what we can expect, let's look at the most practical alternatives you can take into consideration for your content strategy.

4 Best Alternatives To Consider In 2024

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is alternative that employs best practices and sophisticated machine learning to generate content that is both SEO-optimized and completely original.

Its primary goal is to let you easily create high-quality content that resonates with your audience without ever having to leave your textbox.

As a result, TextCortex developed a Chrome add-on with an extensive set of functionalities available on 30+ online platforms, including Google Docs, Hemingway, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and more.

TextCortex Hot Features

TextCortex offers a set of features that can accommodate writing of any content type you need. That includes product descriptions, emails, ads, articles, social media  posts, and more.

Furthermore, its rewriting features can help you modify and AI-generate from original text until you reach the ideal fit.

We’ll separate TextCortex add-on features into two categories:

1. Rewriting features

TextCortex rewriting features can enable you to:

🎯Rewrite  — tweak original sentences and paragraphs to get most out of your context.

🎯Expand — extend length of original text for more information.

🎯Summarize — get a shortened version of longer pieces of text.

🎯Tone — use 10+ different tones of voice to convey your original message.

🎯Translate — translate original text into 10+ different languages.

🎯Long-form post — create blog posts from a 5-word-idea.

🎯Bullet to email — transform your bullet points into ready-to-sent emails.

To use rewriting features, you must highlight the text (or portion of text) that requires modification and select the corresponding option from the rewriting menu.

Additionally, by clicking the TextCortex logo at any time, you can gain insight into the readability metrics of your content.

2. AI templates

TextCortex is an add-on that, in addition to rewriting features, can generate any kind of content using 60+ predefined AI templates that follow under the following categories:

🎯General templates —Rewriting, changing voice, summarizing, answering questions, etc.

🎯Email templates — Create a number of distinct email formats.

🎯Ads and marketing tools — Write ads for social media, search engines, etc.

🎯Social media templates — Create engaging content for your social media posts.

🎯Website copy templates — Generate text for your blog, website, and landing pages.

🎯eCommerce templates — Produce catchy titles, subtitles, and other ad copy.

The TextCortex rewriting features and the AI-based templates produce SEO-friendly output by generating words centered on the provided keywords.

And because its AI writers only generate output from the most successful use cases, the content you receive is fresh and original by default.


TextCortex offers forever-free and 2 premium plans starting at as low as $7.99.

textcortex pricing

2. Text Wizard


Another alternative that uses AI is Text Wizard, which focuses primarily on copywriting tools to assist you in creating high-quality content.

By allowing you to create your content in a variety of different tones and languages, it can assist you in automatically creating unique and human-like content.

Text Wizard also allows you to create unique, community-focused recipes to improve your SEO performances, particularly on social media.

Text Wizard Hot Features

Text Wizard offers 15+ distinct features that you can leverage in your writing. Here are some of its top-notch functionalities:

🎯Create social media posts for Facebook and Twitter using AI.

🎯Make appropriate hashtags for your posts.

🎯Write attention-grabbing article headlines.

🎯Generate both short and long-form content.

🎯Extract key information from longer pieces of text.

🎯Rewrite your articles to ensure that they are free of plagiarism.

🎯Make a product descriptions for your products and services.

🎯Create meta tags for your website's titles and descriptions, blogs, and online store.

🎯Develop, test and share your generation recipes for your community.

Text Wizard Pricing

Text Wizard offers a free and 2 premium plans.

3. MarketMuse

With the help of artificial intelligence, MarketMuse is a content planning and optimization tool that can boost your website's visibility in search engines.

It uses sophisticated SEO toolkits tailored to handle tasks like keyword and competitor research, content analysis, content briefs, and topic suggestions for your content.

MarketMuse Hot Features

🎯Content inventory features — an auditing and inventorying tool for digital content that utilizes automated processes to gauge overall site authority and content quality. You can use it to learn how to quickly discover, catalog, and prioritize high-quality content opportunities.

🎯Content briefs — provides relevant information to leverage contextually relevant content, get feedback on the content score, and take advantage of in-app suggestions both for internal and external links.

🎯Optimize features — offers industry-leading topic models and competitive data on your top search competitors for your topic. Here you can get real-time feedback on how well your content matches those topic models.

🎯Applications features — helps you minimize content creation efforts by enabling you to automate keyword and competitive research tasks, finding gaps in your content, getting a list of questions to improve your content, suggesting internal links, etc.

MarketMuse Pricing

MarketMuse comes with free and 2 premium plans.


4. WriterZen


WriterZen is a GPT-3 AI-driven SEO creation tool that can assist you in developing original and high-quality content.

It offers many SEO tools such as keyword explorer, a topic finder, a plagiarism checker, and keyword data to help you produce SEO-optimized content.

In addition to keyword-oriented features, WriterZen can also assist you with discovering hidden topics, establishing topic clusters, and producing content optimized for search engines..

WriterZen Hot Features

🎯Topic Discovery features— get hot topics that can improve your SEO performance for certain search queries. It can assist you to:

  • Find audience-resonant content ideas.
  • Build a SEO-friendly knowledge hub with articles.
  • Target headlines.
  • Get interesting questions and ideas from the ‘Google suggests’ database.

🎯Keyword Explorer features — extract the most relevant keywords from Google Keyword and Google Suggest databases to create content that matches audiences’ search intent by:

  • Organizing keywords by SEO campaign stage.
  • Identifying high-converting and low-competition keywords.
  • Grouping keywords by rank.
  • Identifying and estimating keyword list revenue.

🎯Content Creator — utilizes the text editor that enables you to put your content together by enabling you to:

  • Understand industry expectations and create outlines.
  • Learn website keywords, placement, and frequency.
  • Choose NLP terms to rank higher.
  • Create high-quality pieces by combining the outlines and your handwriting.

🎯AI writing Assistant features — leverages AI models trained on billion of articles to create SEO-friendly content such as headlines, descriptions, outlines and long-form content. Furthermore, it offers 60 templates for various content types, including auto-writing and rewriting.

🎯Plagiarism Checker — ensures your content is unique and original.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen is available with 3 premium plans.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this list of 4 alternatives can help you find a long-term asset for dominating your field of expertise.

Each of the tools mentioned above can excel in various stages of the content creation process, depending on the scope of your business requirements.

But if you're still uncertain, we suggest you consider a tool that can establish all the criteria we mentioned at the beginning: output quality, capacity for SEO optimization, and cost.

TextCortex, with its expansive arsenal of features, can enable you to:

✅Get rid of 80% of your content creation tasks.

✅Produce unique, SEO-focused, and high-quality content at scale.

AI-generate, rewrite, and edit your content on 30+ most popular online platforms.

✅Leverage flexibility of content creation by simultaneously utilizing rewriting capabilities and 60+ AI templates within any textbox.

Download our free TextCortex add-on to delve into a more sophisticated and entertaining method of content generation that will effortlessly bring more conversions and boost your organic traffic.