Generative artificial intelligence (AI) entails utilizing specific procedures (e.g., ChatGPT) to produce fresh content—from audio and video, to code, pictures, artefacts, and written works. Current emergent achievements in this area hold the real possibility of transforming the conventional accepted manner of material composition entirely.

What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI recently unveiled the ChatGPT system, an artificial intelligence made specifically to handle natural language exchanges. Its abilities allow it to interact with humans by imitating conversations, adapting to incoming messages and continuing to evolve over time based on use.

What is a prompt?

Utilizing a phrase or particular terms as an ability to a mechanical cognition system like ChatGPT, prompts are paramount in order for the algorithm to comprehend what is being inquired. So you must choose your words distinctly and in a descriptive manner so that it can be accurately comprehended by this chat tools.

How to create ‘good prompts’ for ChatGPT?

When interacting with AI, it is important to be explicit and thoroughly explain the topic at hand. The prompts must be straightforward; if not, the AI may become bewildered and the results you receive may not be satisfactory.

Good prompt examples:

  • “Tell me more about the recent trend in the business industry.”
  • “Write me a brief description for a social media post raising awareness on global climate change.”

Bad prompt examples:

  • “Tell me more about everything.”
  • “Write me a brief description for my social media post.”

Using ChatGPT for Marketing

Using ChatGPT to reduce your workload and generate promotional copy has been very popular lately. People have been able to craft phrases for websites and posts, ads, as well as emails.

Writing successful advertising material is mainly about communication value for a particular group, interesting them, causing them to act on the next step.

chatgpt prompts for marketing

To instruct ChatGPT with a well-formulated prompt and get a nice output, there are some steps to be followed:

  • Provide some context

It is important to begin a new discussion by providing some insight on what you want AI to create. This will increase the quality of the output.

  • Define the task & goal

Provide a goal for ChatGPT to achieve with your prompt so that it can calibrate itself in that direction.

  • Define the ChatGPT's role or tone of voice

You can simply suggest what type of tone you are looking for in your message. This will help ChatGPT to adjust its tone while creating a marketing text for you.

  • Ask for alternatives by follow-up questions

If you don’t like the output, you can always ask for more by simply asking “Can you give me more alternatives?”

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Purposes

Now, you will see a list of ready-made prompts for your use. Feel free to copy and use them in your prompts or further advance them.

Act as a Social Media Manager

I want you to fill the role of a social media manager. You will need to design and put in motion promotional activities across all related sites, react to inquiries and comments from consumers, conduct supervision of conversations utilizing appropriate technologies for administration, evaluate achievement through analytics and create dynamic material which necessitates recurrent postings.

Write a blog post

Write an outline for a blog post titled “How to get a good ranking in organic search” the outline should include an introduction, four main points, and a conclusion.

Write product descriptions

Write a 50 word product description for a white sweatshirt for men. Write in a joyful and informative tone.

Write an Instagram Post Caption

Write 3 instagram captions that are 75 words each, for a lifestyle influencer account. Write in an intimate manner and an upbeat tone.

Write Youtube Video Scripts

Write a YouTube video script for a video titled “How to Complete 1000 Piece Puzzle” where the key points are as follows: 1. BUILD THE FRAMEWORK, 2. SCALE THE WALL, 3. COMPLETION. The overall tone should be entertaining and informative with regards to the chapters.

Write a Website Copy

Write 15 concise headlines for an ecommerce website that sells decorative paintings for young people between 18-24 age group.

Write Email Newsletters

First prompt: Create an outline for a weekly newsletter for indie developers creating digital products. The outline should have 3 parts, an intro, a main point, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Second prompt: List 5 main points that are important for indie developers while building products as solo founders and give examples for their challenges.

Write Sales Emails

Write an email as a part of a sales funnel. The first paragraph will tell the recipient more about outsource content writing services and how problematic it can be. The second paragraph will tell the recipient how we solve this problem by automating our workflow and save 10x time. And the third paragraph will encourage the recipient to purchase our service. Then add a closing paragraph thanking the recipient for their time.

Conduct an SEO Research

Write a list of keywords about the recent developments happening on generative AI and come up with catchy titles for blog posts.

Write a Mobile App Description for App Stores

I am building a note taking app for a specific user persona. They are focused on being as productive as possible, taking regular notes and work effectively. They spend on average seven hours at the work. They like following entrepreneurs and taking productivity advices from them. Generate an immersive app description template of innovative app features that will set my application apart from its competitors.

Use the power of AI wherever you are on the internet

ChatGPT has its own limitations and downsides. You have to log in to its website and use the tool there constantly. Furthermore, with the recent developments regarding its pricing, it is now harder to use it when the demand is too high. You have to upgrade your plan to Premium if you want to keep on using it in such cases. Its paid plan starts at $42 right now.

On the other hand, TextCortex allows you to leverage the power of generative AI in every textbox with its browser extension for a much more affordable price. You can create your marketing copies on a Notion Page, Google Docs or generate your sales emails confidently on Gmail itself. Even on a free plan, we offer you a lot of templates catered for your needs. You can make use of it wherever you are, whenever you need.