Whether you are writing a paper or a blog post, being able to summarize long passages quickly can save you time and energy.

And it isn’t only about you. It’s also about your readers. 

They usually want digested information they can get in a few key sentences. They don’t want fluffy or diluted content. 

Fortunately for you, there are now tools available to make summarizing easier and more efficient. 

So today, we’ll explore the best summarizing tools to shorten the text and make it easier for you to convey your message clearly and concisely.

Sounds promising?

Then read on to learn more about these helpful tools!

What Is a Summarizing Tool?

A summarizing tool creates shorter text versions by removing unnecessary words and phrases or rewriting sentences to make them more concise.

Some standard features of summarizing tools include:

  • Selecting the amount of text you want to summarize
  • Choosing which sections of the text you’d like to summarize, and 
  • Controlling the level of detail in summary.

When choosing a summarizing tool, it is important to consider your needs. 

Therefore, choose the tool that matches those needs and is easy to use while producing accurate and effective results.

What are The Benefits of Using a Summarizing Tool?

Although it might not look like that at first sight, the benefits of using a summarizing tool are multiple.

When you summarize text, you distill the most important information from a longer piece of writing.

This is useful because it:

  • Saves time -  It automatically generates a summary of a text, which is especially practical if you're trying to review a large document quickly.
  • Improves understanding -  It condenses the text down to the key points, which is helpful when reading complex or challenging texts.
  • Generates better summaries - Some summarizing tools allow you to customize the generated summary, ensuring that the most important information is included.
  • Provides an overview -  It shows an overview of a text, so you can get the main ideas of an article or document without having to read through the entire thing.
  • Pinpoints key information -  You can quickly find key information in a text, such as specific names or dates.

And now, let’s finally see our top picks of the best summarizing tools to shorten the text.

5 Best Summarizing Tools To Shorten Text

1. Text Cortex

Text Cortex is a powerful AI-powered summarizing tool to condense longer texts and extract key points in any textbox.

You just need to write or paste a block of text you want to summarize, click on the designated icon, and get the summarized text in under 10 seconds!

The best part about TextCortex is that its content sounds natural, unique, and free of plagiarism. In addition, the content is also optimized for search engines.

And what else can you do with your new text with Text Cortex?

Text Cortex add-on offers more than just the summarizing feature. With Text Cortex, you can edit and tweak your content further with:

  • Long-form post — turn a 5-word idea into a 300-word blog post.
  • Bullet to email — turn as little as 3 bullet points into a ready-to-sent email.
  • Rewrite — paraphrase the original text to improve the readability.
  • Expand — extend the original text and build on top of it.
  • Autocomplete — finish off your sentences and turn them into full paragraphs.
  • Change Tonechange the tone of voice of the original text to adapt it further. Currently, you can choose from +10 different tones.
  • Text-to-speech —  AI can read your content aloud.
  • Translate — translate your text into +10 languages.
  • Readability checker — get readability metrics that include the word count, reading time, character count, and overall text score.

Furthermore, the TextCortex plugin is compatible with more than 30 platforms, such as Notion, Medium, Twitter, Google Docs, etc. 

In addition, Text Cortex offers more than 60 AI templates for creating ads, product descriptions, marketing material, blog and social media posts, etc.

Text Cortex Pricing

Text Cortex has a Free plan that consists of 10 daily creations and two Premium plans.


Moving on to yet another great summarizing tool.

2. Summarizer by PrepostSEO


Summarizer is an online paraphrase and summarizing tool that helps shorten your content while keeping the key sentences.

The process is rather simple, you just need to write or paste the text, but you can also upload it as .doc,  .docx,  .pdf, or .txt file.


You can use the set summarization percent feature if you want to be more specific about what to keep from the original text.

It means you can set the percentage of the length of the summarized text.

Instead of setting the percentage, you can also choose the word number, any range between 0-100.

Another feature is Show in bullets which converts your summarized text into bullet points, which can be helpful in making presentations.

Finally, to track some of the metrics, there are also features such as Show the best sentence that shows which sentence has the highest score according to Summarizer’s algorithms.

When it comes to non-summarizing features, Summarizer offers:

  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Paraphrasing tool that also has various modes such as Standard, Fluency, Creative, etc.

In addition, Summarizer provides summarizing options in 10 languages, whereas paraphrasing is possible in +10 languages.

Summarizer Pricing

Summarizer has Freemium and three Premium plans. The free version isn’t ad-free, and there is limited access to some features.


3. SummarizeBot


SummarizeBot is AI text summarizing software that analyzes documents, multimedia files, audio files, or web links to extract the main ideas and put them into a summary.

This way, a reader ends up with much more digested pieces of information, filtered according to their search parameters.

What is interesting, and at the same time restricting, is that SummarizeBot doesn’t have a web version

Moreover, in order to share your files, you’ll need to use Slack or Facebook. 

You also get the info about the reading time you’ve saved.

Other interesting features are:

  • News Summaries 
  • Keywords Extraction
  • Key Fragments List
  • Vary Summary Size
  • Save Your Results

Additionally, SummarizeBot supports various file types, including DOC, PDF, JPG, mp3, and TXT. 

It also supports +100 languages.

In a nutshell, SummarizeBot might be a good option for businesses that need to create structured data.

SummarizeBot Pricing

SummarizeBot has two Premium plans and a 14-day free trial.


4. HubSpot AI Content Writer

HubSpot’s content assistant tools also include an AI-powered summarizing tool that can extract key points of a lenghty text. HubSpot's AI content writer is designed to be user-friendly.

hubspot AI content writer

Enter a prompt, such as "summarize the following paragraph," and let the AI work its magic. Then proofread it to ensure it matches your brand voice and includes your unique know-how.

Advantages of HubSpot

  • The beta version of HubSpot's AI content writing software is available for free.
  • Generate summaries, blog posts, essays and more with just a prompt.
  • Scale your content output without additional budget or resources
  • Generate leads with high-quality content across platform.

As competition in content marketing upsurges, using standard, repeated copy will not set you apart from rival companies. Leverage AI-enhanced writing to compose the structure or initial handwritten material for your latest copywriting initiative; enhance it with your business’ personal style and specialist knowledge.

And the last on our list of the best summarizing tools is QuillBot.

5. QuillBot


QuillBot is an online paraphrasing and summarizing tool with a Chrome extension.

It is easy to use - all you need to do is write or paste the text in a box and click the Summarize button.


You can choose keywords that you want your summarized text to include.

Furthermore, you can also check the statistics: word and sentence count, number of characters, and reduction percentage.

When it comes to other features, QuillBot offers a Paraphrasing tool with the so-called modes:

  • Standard - rewrites text, keeping it close to the original meaning
  • Fluency - checks readability and errors
  • Formal - creates more sophisticated content
  • Simple - creates less elaborate content
  • Creative - gives new meaning to your content by expressing it in a completely different way
  • Expand - increases sentence length
  • Shorten - strips down your text.

Moreover, QuillBot offers Grammar and Plagiarism Checkers, Co-Writer to get writing tips, and Citation Generator to cite and export sources.

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot has two plans: one Free and one Premium. 


Although we’ve covered our top picks, the question still remains: how can you choose the right summarizing tool?

How Can You Choose the Right Summarizing Tool?

Before we wrap things up, we should mention another important detail. 

Most, if not all the tools we’ve described have summarizing and paraphrasing features. 

Many users get confused about what each one means and if there is actually any difference between them. Yes, there is.

Although both processes convert the original texts, the paraphrased text isn’t much shorter than the original - it is pretty much the same.

On the other hand, the summarized text is shorter than the original and includes only its key points.

If you want to find out more about paraphrasing, you should jump to our blog on How To Do Paraphrasing Properly?

To choose the right summarizing tool for your needs, you should keep a few things in mind that can help you:

  • Consider what you need the summarizing tool for – There are different tools available for different purposes, so it is crucial to choose one designed for your needs. For example, if you need a tool to summarize an article for school, you will want to choose a tool designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Consider how much text you need to summarize – Some summarizing tools only work with short pieces of text, while others can handle longer passages.
  • Take into account your skill level – Some summarizing tools are very simple and require no prior knowledge or experience, while others are more complex and may require some background knowledge. Choose a tool appropriate for your skill level to get the most out of it.
  • Take price into account – There are both free and paid summarizing tools available, so choose one that fits within your budget and business plan.

Final Thoughts 

Summarizing tools are a great way to shorten the text and condense information quickly. With the help of these tools, you can easily create summaries that capture the key points of your original content. 

Regardless of your industry, summarizing tools make it easy to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases without losing any important ideas or concepts.

The above 5 best summarizing tools will help you do just that.

However, if you are still not sure which one to pick and try, we’d suggest Text Cortex.

Why? To put it simply, it has the greatest value-price ratio.

Furthermore, it is the only tool that enables you to write and not only summarize or paraphrase. 

Ready to give it a try?

Download the TextCortex free Chrome extension today to craft, tweak and summarize your content in no time.