Content creators need optimized work to expand the website's reach, attract customers, and rank high in search engines to benefit from social media and content creation platforms.

However, creating such content is difficult because coming up with great ideas is difficult if done daily, and writers often experience writers or creative blocks, which slows content creation.

Anyword and Outranking are AI-powered content writing and copywriting tools that can turn your ad, email, or blog content into high-converting copy or compelling blog posts.

But which one is better?

To help you easily decide, we'll walk you through an Anyword vs Outranking comparison and provide aspects such as how simple they are to use, which features they prioritize, and how much they cost. 

If you can't find what you're looking for in these resources, check out the backup plan we provided at the end.

Let's jump in!

Anyword Review

Anyword is an AI-driven copywriting platform that assists marketers in customizing their messaging for their targeted audience. 

It can read what you write and turn your text into an engaging, attention-grabbing copy that's meant to motivate your customers to either purchase products or check out your website. 

Anyword generates and assesses text for advertisements, social media postings, email subject lines, landing page text, and more.

Furthermore, it can also adapt to current AI generation style maintaining your desired tone of voice and guaranteeing constant quality throughout all advertising content forms.

Anyword Ease Of Use

The interface is modern, sleek, and simple to learn. When you get signed up and logged in to Anyword, it will analyze your text without you knowing about it. 

Then, Anyword will offer suggestions for that text, after which you can activate the changes or request rewrites.

Anyword Features

Here is the list of Anyword’s fundamental features that you can use to transform your content:

1. A Predictive Performance Score

Besides correcting text for you, Anyword's score for each generated text block is thrilling.

Anyword predicts the result's performance based on the marketing channel, an original copy, and its own creation as a bonus. 

You'll see an overall performance score and various indicators like who the ad copy is best targeted to, utilizing gender, age, and shopping preferences to narrow your targeting.

2. Ad Copy Optimization

Ecommerce ads may make or break sales. A/B testing dozens of native advertising for the same product and altering headlines, descriptions, and captions is popular.

Anyword supports many ad copy formats, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Verizon, and more.

It automates platform optimization, so posting your ad shouldn't be a big deal. 

With Anyword, you can also link your ad accounts for future optimization, rewrite copy for target demographics, and put promos or keywords in the ad.

3. Landing and Product Page Optimization

Landing pages allow customers who click on ads to buy things. Your online shop's written content is mostly on product pages.

Anyword can optimize all of your product and landing page URLs, create high-performing CTA buttons, product names, product descriptions, headers, and subheaders.

4. Blog Post Optimization

Anyword can't produce a blog article from scratch, but it may combine your thoughts from an outline or early draft into a more structured, readable post that may be publishable.

It can write a well-rounded article based on keywords, intro paragraphs, and length. It even helps you finish sentences if you're stuck.

5. Email and SMS Optimization

Anyword also taps into the messages you send out to customers for things like automated welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and direct SMS messaging.

It works by  telling Anyword that you're crafting an email or SMS. 

The Anyword AI will then rewrite your text so you can send out an engaging and attention-grabbing copy that will motivate your customers to either purchase products or check out your website.

6. "Custom Mode" Feature

Every brand should have a voice, whether it's quirky, serious, or outdoorsy.

Anyword's Custom Mode evaluates rivals' brand voices to match it with yours.

Anyword may structure a brand voice utilizing your current speech by inserting ad content, emails, and marketing materials.

7. Background Optimization

Anyword lets you attach your content to your online store and optimize your marketing copy

Thus, if you input new content for a product page, you get a better-written version without opening Anyword.

All of your website copy is analyzed without your knowledge. After receiving text ideas, you can approve or request rewrites.

Now that we are aware of what Anyword can do for you, let’s find out how budget-friendly it is.

Anyword Pricing

Anyword offers free and 2 premium plans:

Moving forward to Outranking review.

Outranking Review

Outranking is a fast-growing AI writing and SEO tool that helps content marketers and SEO managers outrank their competitors by writing engaging, well-researched, and optimized content.

This tool is ideal for beginners due to its simple, non-technical interface. 

Outranking offers  simple training videos that can help you utilize the tool and start to write fully optimized articles that keep readers coming back.

Outranking Ease Of Use

Outranking simplifies search engine ranking decisions for your website content. Their platform requires no advanced technical SEO or metrics and engineering skills to maximize its use. 

The main dashboard appears incomplete upon login. However, the UX is very minimalistic with four main menu functions: SEO Content, SERP Analysis, Questions, Keyword Gap.

Outranking Features 

Here is a set of Outranking tools that will help you create a good level of content in less time. 

These features are beneficial because they focus on a specific target and skill you need to include in your content to make it stand out.

1. Content Optimization

This is not limited to fresh blog posts. For example, if you want to improve your current page's optimization and move up the SERPs, outranking is a great tool. 

It will analyze the competition and show you how you stack up against others who don't have as excellent or as new content.

Enter your domain name and let Outranking optimize your content to increase its reach.

2. AI Writing

Rewriting content to make it more intuitive, engaging, and creative is exhausting. Outranking helps you find the best content briefs and phrases to engage customers. On the other hand, Outranking assists with rewriting product descriptions, introduction paragraphs, headings, and more. 

In addition, you can use it to fix grammar mistakes and improve sentence and paragraph structure.

3. Topic Outline Builder

This is another free Outranking tool that will help you create the perfect outline for your content. This feature will help you structure your text by making it more digestible for your audience.

4. SERP Analysis

Finally, SERF analysis free helps you find the best content using data-driven analytics and reports.

SERP analysis will help you to find a keyword you can target before writing content.

Start by entering your keyword (up to 10), the country, and the language, then filter the number of SERP results you want to see (the default is 20). 

5. Questions People Ask

A powerful feature that helps you discover the user intent behind Google's most searched queries — measure out the most asked questions based on your keyword and phrases:

  •  50+ SERP questions
  • Google PAS queries
  • Choose relevant PAS questions
  • Give those questions guidelines

You can incorporate these criteria into your content before you get good traffic on your platform, so you won't have to worry about any queries or audience pin-pointing. 

6. Keyword Gap Analysis

This "spying" on competitors is invaluable. Use Keywords Gap to compare your domain to competitors'. 

Outranking can find keywords that a competitor ranks in search results and you don't to provide feedback in two separate windows for better overview. 

This feature can also show traffic differences between websites ranking for the same keyword. In addition, you can compare with up to four competitors at once.

7. Integration 

The Outranking tool was carefully designed to update old content, improve search engine rankings, or social media marketing.

Outranking lets Google Docs writers export their work to WordPress. Their WordPress plugin makes it easy to import content from the editor into WordPress or export it back for advanced editing.

Likewise, you can use the Grammarly Chrome add-on to proofread and format your work.

Outranking Pricing

Outranking tool comes with 3 premium pricing plans:

Anyword vs Outrancing: Conclusion

The simplicity of the Anyword interface is part of its appeal. Any newcomer can simply copy and paste some text into the program to see the effects. 

Contrarily,'s excellent SEO-oriented features will assist you in developing high-quality content and growing your platform. 

But what if a third option could replace both of these tools, while still letting you multitask and generate content on the fly with AI?

TextCortex, an artificial intelligence writing assistant, has many options to help you write and rewrite your content. It has features for web apps and a Chrome rewriter add-on. 

Blog posts, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, social media posts, and YouTube captions are just some of the content types that can be quickly produced using TextCortex's online tool. 

In addition, TextCortex also offers:

  • On-scale generation of any content form.
  • Both manual and AI-generated content creation on the same re-editable canvas.
  • Editing and formatting in real time.
  • Document storage option for when you need to access them later.
  • Writing content in more than 72 languages.

Moreover, via our Chrome rewriting extension you can rework your text on more than 30 online platforms including Docs, Gmail, Notion, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

To use it, simply highlight the text (sentence, paragraph, or bullet), click the logo, and select one of the features

 Its ease of use will boost your productivity with these top rewriting features:

  • Paraphrasing feature — Make your sentences and paragraphs flow better, be clearer, and more interesting without changing the meaning.

  • Blog body feature — A five-word-idea can make a blog post that will grab people's attention, without leaving the text box.

  • Bullets to email feature —Write new emails on the spot based on your key points.

  • Expand feature — Make a long piece of writing out of all of your scattered ideas.

  • Autocomplete feature — If you are out of ideas you can use this feature to, for example, create product descriptions from listed features.

  • Tone of voice feature — Change the tone of your writing to reach your audience more effectively with 10 or more different tones.

  • Summarizing feature —Pull out the most important parts of long pieces of text.

  • Translate feature — You can instantly translate your text into 10 or more languages, like Dutch, French, Ukrainian, Romanian, etc.

The best part is that a fully-featured, free version of TextCortex offers 10 daily creations and doesn't require a credit card on sign up.

Ready to test it out?

Add Chrome extension for free to discover an exciting side of paraphrasing with TextCortex.