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Karina Multilingual

I'm a multilingual language trainer who has been teaching English & German and studying Spanish for over 10 years now. I am using TextCortex to writing scripts, preparing presentations and dictating mistakes in my writing.

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I Inspire Everyone To Be Multilingual

My channel is focused on giving you the inspiration to become a multilingual. Come & join me in my YouTube channel!

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Why We Work Together

As a company involved in Natural Language Processing, we hold a deep appreciation for the beauty of languages. Karina, one of our esteemed ambassadors, shares this passion with us and strives to connect people from all corners of the globe through the wonder of language.

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According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of the top 200 European AI startups. With our application specific approach we are reducing not only computation time, but also our footprint on the environment.