Did you know that the top three challenges that companies face before the implementation of AIs are staff skills (56%), the fear of the unknown (42%), and finding a starting point (26%)?

If you are a copywriter, you must have at least once asked yourself: “Where did the fun in writing go?” 

Not to mention the desire to speed and power up the whole process. 

The statistic from 2015 showed that most marketers spend 1-2 hours writing a 500-word blog post. 

Today, the average blog post takes three hours and 57 minutes to write.

When the job starts piling up, you have less and less time. You end up being exhausted, or even worse–you lose your writing drive.  


This is why it is wise to always have AI copywriting tools handy. 

But how do they actually work and what benefits we might get by using them?

There has been a lot of controversy about AI tools going around the internet ever since they showed up. 

Today, we will answer one of the hottest questions about the AI GPT-3 copywriting tools and try to give you more precise insights.

Let’s dive into that. 

What is GPT-3 and how it works?

Let’s face it. We cannot describe it in any new, different, or more fancy way than any other article discussing it so we will simplify it.


Here is what Wikipedia says about it:

“Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.” 

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research laboratory, created GPT-3, and it is part of a trend in natural language processing (NLP) systems of pre-trained language examples.

The full version of GPT-3 has a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters tested on 45TB of text data from different data sources.

Everything that GPT-3 generates is all math and algorithms. AI cannot “think” or “understand” the request as humans. These algorithms search large databases trying to find results to a given task in the form of the best possible answer to the request. 

Now, since (NLP) is the most crucial part of GPT-3 generating, we would like to show you all the phases of NLP processes so you can better understand how GPT-3 copywriting tools work.


This entire concept can apply to anything you write, speak or type. 

Did you know that you were already using NLP-based products before coming across AI copywriting tools? 

For example, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri are also Natural Language Processing AI products.

So, GPT-3–Evolution it is!

How GPT-3 Copywriting Tools Can Help Your Business?

If you’re striving to be a successful copywriter, consistency in your work is one of the most important things.

Your most important tools to keep up with that success are your time, creativity, and productivity

Good organizational skills apply the same, whether you are just starting as a content writer or an MVP in the marketing or sales industry.

GPT-3 copywriting tools can serve you like a swiss-army knife if you want to avoid unvaried and tedious writing activities.

Hundreds of different products to promote? Missing ideas for your blogs?

Lack of inspiration for your Ads? Need to write multiple sales emails? 

No problem. GPT-3 is designed to assist you with all of that.

The best part about using GPT-3 is that it saves your money apart from the automatization process that goes with its use.

Before AI writing tools showed up, if you wanted to keep your business growing, you would need to hire freelancers to take over part of your job. But, unfortunately, that does not come cheap. 

3. GPT3-Copywritings’ Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people made too much fuss when they discovered GPT-3 generator. But then, a big question popped up:

Will AI tools replace humans?

Some copywriters got scared before they had a chance to test it out. On the other hand, some copywriters have huge expectations. The truth is somewhere in between.

As a good copywriter, you want to create content at a scale that will hit the target with a bullseye each time. 

But unfortunately, we both know that is not always the case because of: 

  • Writer’s block
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Overloaded schedule on the calendar
  • Just having a tough day

These are all relevant reasons why writing sometimes is simply not going at all.

Routine is usually the copywriter’s biggest nightmare. It is always sneaking around, and it doesn’t matter how many times you try, you can’t find a positive aspect to it. 

That’s the reason why you should encourage yourself to try GPT-3 copywriting tools in practice. It can inspire you when needed and keep you on point. 

The second good detail is that GPT-3 reads so many articles you probably couldn’t in 100 lifetimes. It can help you drastically improve your copywriting skills

Remember those long paragraphs that drive your readers away from your article, and you didn’t even notice it? GPT-3 will keep them ideally grounded and yet inspired.

However, there is one significant disadvantage about GPT-3 content generators, and, at the same time, an essential advantage for human writers – It cannot generate any new information

It will give you an authentic and original copy of what it found on the internet, but it will not write a testimonial and expertise on the subjects.

It will imitate a tone of voice a human would use on a specific set of keywords, but it cannot leave a personal impression about what it just wrote.

It can help you create around and above facts, but without humans, it cannot discover those facts.

4. What you should watch out for when choosing the GPT-3 copywriting tool?

You might want to be careful when relying on GPT-3 content generators. 

The most important reason is that, especially with long-form content, it can misguide you by providing facts that are not accurate. All information needs to be checked by a human.


This is because it observes facts as a group of words. GPT-3 sees them as parameters to predict what you are looking for but doesn’t perceive the context value or accuracy. 

For example, it cannot distinguish sarcasm from an actual fact.


You should most definitely use it as an assistant that helps you automate repetitive processes or as an idea recommendation tool that facilitates your daily tasks. 

The research part is anyway-around always fun. Now that you have more time use it to explore your topics.

Why makes TextCortex so unique?

Did you know that According to DT2 Invest and European Commission, TextCortex is one of the 200 hottest European AI startups?

Since TextCortex is not a completely GPT-3-based AI tool, it is the reason why it can produce 3x as much content as completely GPT-3-based solutions. 

TextCortex is creating their own use-case specific and purpose-driven GPT Algorithms and architectectures. 

Focusing on building new training data for propriatary algorithms.

Technology is the core concern as we do not simply want to repurpose GPT-3 to offer 100s of shallow text creation templates. 

Unlike all other GPT-3-based AI writing software, TextCortex follows patterns.

This approach is good because you always control the content creation process you want an AI writer to generate.

What does that mean in practice?

To create satisfying content, you need to leverage your keywords properly. 

PRO Advice: Always keep in mind that context matters!

If you are unsure how to leverage your keywords properly, try to think first about the outcome you want TextCortex to provide you with as a content type it needs to write for you. 

Even though the entire concept of GPT-3 sounds seductive and attempting, unfortunately, many AI tools have not survived the financial blow of the cost to implement and sustain it. 

This fact matters to the consumers because they want to find their perfect tool, get used to it, and rely on the fact that it is created to stay permanently.

Not only to have a future ahead but to develop as well. 

This is why TextCortex is focused on a long-term game.

The unique approach to the application is what is promising.

Not only is it reducing computation time, but also footprint on the environment. 

TextCortex provides you with components such as:

  • Generate Blog articles - this option enables you to create Blog title and Blog post article
  • Generate Emails - create cold sales emails, customer support emails, generic email body and email subject line
  • Write with TextCortex - a feature that enables you to autocomplete your sentences 
  • Social media tools - generate Instagram captions and YouTube descriptions for your channel
  • Generate Ads - Create Facebook and Instagram Ads that convert

On the other hand, TextCortex is pretty flexible with pricing, and it provides you with 2 pricing plans:


Stop spending time and money writing your content - let TextCortex write it for you.

It’s time to stop overthinking your content, reduce costs and time spent writing, and instead focus on what’s expressing your products, services, and passions the best.

If you are ready to grow your writing skills starting today and explore on your own, Sign up now for free and embrace your creativity boost with your first click.