Unleash the power of Google Bard, the AI chatbot sensation captivating minds worldwide! Engage in strikingly human-like conversations, thanks to its colossal 137-billion-parameter backbone, LaMDA. Ready to unravel the mystique of this conversational prodigy? Let's dive in!


  • Google Bard is an AI chatbot that uses its own language model LaMDA with 137 billion parameters.
  • Google Bard can generate outputs such as question and answering, article writing, story writing, poem writing, and summarization.
  • Google Bard can also connect to the web search with its "Google it" feature after an output.
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What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chatbot with its own language model. It generates human-like outputs for users by analysing user prompts. In other words, Google Bard is trained in written languages.

How Does Google Bard Work?

Bard uses Language Model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA). LaMDA has been honing its conversational abilities for a number of years. Similar to other modern language models, such as BERT and GPT-3, it is based on the Transformer neural network architecture which was developed and released by Google Research in 2017. This design creates a model that is able to process multiple words (like a sentence or paragraph) at once, take into account how they relate to each other, and then make an educated guess about what words should come next. However, LaMDA stands out from other language models because it was trained with dialogue in mind.

As a result of this specialized training, it learned many of the fine points that distinguish conversations from other kinds of language use; one example being its capacity for logic.

Google Bard Features

Since Google Bard is trained with GitHub and programming language data, it can generate high-quality outputs in various programming languages. This makes it a valuable tool for programmers and developers who may need assistance with generating code quickly and efficiently.

Google Bard's advanced language model allows it to understand and perform complex arithmetic operations with great accuracy. Thanks to its extensive training data and the large number of parameters, it can easily interpret complex mathematical expressions and generate the correct output.

Google Bard is designed to provide a human-like conversation experience. It means that you can interact with Google Bard in a conversational format, just as you would with a human.

Google Bard has been trained on a vast amount of text-based internet data, including jokes and riddles. As a result, it can not only understand jokes but also explain them and even generate its own humorous responses.

How to Get Started with Google Bard?

Google Bard is currently in beta, and users must join the Bard Experiment program to use it. You must complete a few simple steps to access Google Bard.

  • To join the Bard Experiment program, head over to the Google Bard website.
  • Click on the Join Waitlist button.
  • Log into your Google account and answer a few questions.
  • Wait for your turn to access Google Bard.
  • You will receive an email notification when it's your turn to use Google Bard.

How to Use Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chatbot designed to provide users with a human-like conversation experience. To use Google Bard, you need to enter a prompt or command into it. Using Google Bard is not just limited to one particular way. There are different methods available.

Question & Answering

The first method of using Google Bard is to ask it questions. Since Google Bard has up-to-date internet data, it can generate output about the latest topics. For this reason, you can use Google Bard to obtain reliable information on the topic you want. Since Google Bard is currently in beta, it may sometimes give incorrect answers to questions.

Give commands

The second method of using Google Bard is to give it commands or prompts. For example, you can enter text in Google Bard and ask it to summarize it. If you want Google Bard to make a joke, you can use the "make a joke about [topic]" prompt.

Generate Written Content

Google Bard can understand grammar and syntax, as it is trained with the Pathways Language Model (PaLM), thus enabling it to generate written content. Google Bard can create a variety of written pieces, including poetry, stories, emails, essays, and blog posts. All you need to do is specify the output you wish to achieve.

TextCortex: A Better Alternative to Google Bard

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TextCortex Features

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TextCortex is also available as a web application. By using our web application, you can access various features such as an AI editor, paraphrasing, tone changer, language simplification, expansion, and summarization. Moreover, all these features are available in 25+ languages.

Zeno Assistant

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• Fix Spelling & Grammar

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• Simplify Language

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• Find Action Items/Meeting Agenda

• Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite

• Continue Writing

To start using Zeno Assistant, all you must do is install our browser extension and use the ALT/OPT+Enter shortcut. With the latest update (v1.8) of the TextCortex browser extension, you can use Zeno Assistant on 2000+ websites. Whether you're writing an email or creating content on Google Docs, Zeno Assistant will always be there for you.

ZenoChat – Customizable AI Experience

ZenoChat, TextCortex's conversational AI, is one of the best AI chatbots available on the market. One of its most impressive features is its conversational memory, which allows it to generate more human-like and creative responses by analysing users' past conversations.

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