30 Proven Cold Email Outreach Templates To Increase Replies

We've put together a book of 30 proven Email templates that different businesses used to improve their email performance over the years. Get it for free.

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For you knowing the feeling of not knowing where to start your mail campaign...

... or spend hours on rewriting your mail over… and over… and over again. This is a collection of the best templates which we used in order to reach out to 100s of thousands of prospective users, templates we used to train our email writing AI on and know have worked for other people as well.

Your guide to get you on track with your mails

This is for your when you are missing the right structure to sell you services to startups, want to score the interest of a creator for your niche, or how you increase your funnel with email marketing and many more.

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How to benefit from this eBook?

No need to read everything religiously. Be smart and find what you are looking for.

Use the search function

Look for keywords like SaaS, Creator, Blogger, follow up, VC, partnerships...

You get the idea.

Start editing the template

Don't forget to adopt the {{spintax}} with your information.

Either manually or within your favourite mail tool.

Send mails that convert.

Enjoy more leads, more signups, more investor interest, more upsales.

Simply more converting emails.

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