Hemingw.ai— the RESTless writer as API

Why is AI copywriting the future? I’ve asked our AI model this exact question, that’s how it started the sentence.
Dominik Lambersy
March 14, 2022

So are you looking for a Natural Language Text Generation API you can straight integrate into your existing software architecture? Please be our guest, grab yourself a drink and check out our newest release - Hemingw.ai on Github by Text Cortex AI.

After the initial success of our AI writing text within our Graphical User Interface (GUI). Several businesses asked us how they could integrate our models as API into their existing infrastructure. A valid point we came after and worked tirelessly to now proudly announce its release.

Join our Slack community and send any feedback which passes your mind!

What do you need to get Hemingw.ai started?

  1. Visit our documentation
  2. Signup on the TextCortex Platform
  3. Sign in and click on your account menu on the top right.
  4. Go to the API Key section and copy your key.
  5. Start making POST requests!

To make things easier you can also get the python package, via:

pip install textcortex

Who is the API for?

Any business that is fighting with a high volume of texts, copywriters and is looking to provide their end customer with an additional value in accelerating text generation, i.e.:

  • Product information management systems
  • Marketing automation software
  • Email software
  • Performance Marketing agencies
  • eCommerces with a long product portfolio
  • Affiliate platforms

We worked hard to make our API easily integrate-able and versatile in any situation. Let us know if you might not fit into the above categories, but are interested in cooperating. Let’s work on a common solution for your problem!

What is the API capable of?

The following categories are currently available via API:

  • Product Descriptions: Generates product descriptions based on the product title.
  • Blog Articles: Generates Blog Articles on a given blog title.
  • SEA and Social Media Ads: Generates Ads based on the product that you are selling.
  • Email Bodies: Generates Email Bodies based on the email subject.
  • Email Subjects: Generates Email Subjects based on the given keywords.
  • Free Text: Auto completes the given prompt

As variables you can configure those five:

  • any topic as a prompt,
  • target segment,
  • a max length of the article,
  • one of 72 languages,
  • and how creative the AI should be (where 0 is brief variation and 1 gives the AI full freedom to create)

You want to contribute?

On our way to integrate intelligent creativity to help businesses and individuals to be more public with the help of the (AI) written word. We welcome any enthusiast, evangelist, and volunteer to be part of our journey. Please do share our development with anyone you have the hunch that hemingw.ai will create value for them. Please join our Slack community and send any feedback which passes your mind!

Do you think there is something missing? Please let us know and send us a mail with your suggestion to dominik@textcortex.com.

And as promised the original and full statement when we asked our AI within a Jupyter Notebook:

AI copywriting is the future due to the now well-known limitations of human creativity. AI is capable of generating content that is not only more varied and more accurate than humans but also more likely to resonate with audiences. Given our limited attention spans on the internet, AI is best suited to handle the monotonous task of coming up with content.

Screenshot of the full statement as written from our API

About Text Cortex AI

Text Cortex AI is a Berlin-based Artificial Intelligence Startup. Being searchable as a business is not easy and in particular not cheap due to the human scalability limitations in writing text that a machine can understand. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to help businesses be more open, public, and searchable by developing AIs creating text hand in hand with the business for their products, advertisements, blogs and many other forms of the written word.

Your AI partner is ready to write content.

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