Running out of creativity when
A/B testing all your marketing copy?

Let's free you from 70% of the work around writing countless marketing copies.

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TextCortex AI | Blog writing was never so easyTextCortex AI | Blog writing was never so easy
Easy Peasy

How it works ?

Step 1: What do you want to write about?

Tell our AI assistant what you want to advertise! Whether it is a "hot sauce" or "the best financial app

Step 2: Which length should it be?

Performance ads are short. That's why there are three presets to generate text in the common lengths optimised on the guidelines from the big technology companies.

Step 3: More text for more opportunities!

Not all marketing copies generated are perfect. But we aim to deliver you high quality with every third click!

Start Generating Content

Write all the marketing copy you need

Multiple titles, headlines, descriptions all for one advertised product or service. It is a tiring process to think about those different variations

  • 70% less time and money spent in writing the copy for performance ads.
  • Endless inspirations for countless marketing copy variations.
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Every day 10 million SEO optimized blogs are published

Perfect for people working on creating multiple ad campaigns and require multiple variations of text

  • Helping marketeers to write variations of marketing copy for the same product or service.
  • Perfect for creating the content required to do A/B testing.
  • Individuals writing blogs around their passions.
Accelerate your marketing copies
Perfect for people working on larger text creation projects within the following situations

Let's bring your text content creation to the next level.

Do you find yourself struggling to create all the text content your business needs? Wait no more.

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Let's bring your text contentcreation to the next level