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Get started with the TextCortex Enterprise API — the hemingwai

Whether you are a software company who wants to adopt a true value add for their end users or have a massive need for 100.000s of content creations.

The Hemingwai Enterprise API is here to help.

How to Generate Content using Hemingwai?

Generating content using the TextCortex Enterprise Text Generation API is as easy as following these 4 steps:

  • 1. Signup for the TextCortex Platform
  • 2. Sign-in and click on "account settings" on top right.
  • 3. Go to API Key section and copy your key.
  • 4. Make a POST request to

To shorten your development and integration cycle, we have published packages you can install with the following commands:

Python Package:
pip install textcortex
Javascript Package:
npm i textcortex-hemingwai-js

1) Get Authenticated

2) Types of text that can be generated

3) Making a Request to Hemingwai

4) Using our python package to generate and automate text generation

5) Using our NPM-JS package to generate and automate text generation

Generating Ad Copy using the Enterprise API for Facebook, Google, Instagram etc.

Generating long-form content and blogs using the Enterprise API

Generating product descriptions using the Enterprise API

Generating social media captions with the Enterprise API for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok and others.

Paraphrase Given Sentence Using TextCortex API

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