Confident Emails for Non-Native Speakers

In an increasingly globalised world, communicating in a foreign language is a core challenge for millions of people. Our users are no exception.

One of them has reached out to us and shared some meaningful feedback. Except, they did it in French, their native language.

Writing in a foreign language can be difficult, especially when it comes to marketing and emails. Sure, it can be helpful to paraphrase and expand a paragraph to make it easier to understand, but there’s only so far a customer can go to make the experience simple and maintain a confident, professional tone.

Employees should definitely focus more on how to establish a meaningful communication with their audience and target users. Even sending an email to thank someone in their own language could be considered a nice gesture they don’t often think about.

“If you talk to a (wo)man in a language they understand, that goes to their head. If you talk to them in their own language, that goes to their heart.” - Nelson Mandela

But how to solve the issue of having to talk to a customer that doesn’t reach out in English?

TextCortex Gives You More than a Simple Translation

In some recent conversations with our users and customers, we have learned that against any of our anticipation our user base had started using our TextCortex AI browser extension for more than just translating their content.

“I think about my core message in the language I’m confident in, and let your AI co-creator fill it with more meaning in a foreign language. Not a simple translation, but rather a process in which my core points are taken, expanded and effectively delivered in a language I don’t feel comfortable writing in”.

This means that TextCortex has been used by our clients to establish their own, meaningful conversation within their niche. This type of knowledge can then be used to improve the customer experience and create a stronger connection with clients.

When businesses focus on meaningful conversation, they are able to build trust and rapport with their customers. This helps to create a stronger connection with them, which can result in increased sales and loyalty. In addition, by understanding customer needs and preferences, businesses can create new products or services that meet those needs. This results in keeping customers coming back to the business while growing a company’s market share.

Immediate Results with TextCortex

The steps we followed to eventually reply to our customer’s email were the following:

  1. We noted down our key message in the form of bullet points, all in English
  2. We selected our text and opened our trusty browser extension
  3. We selected the French language and tasked our AI co-creator to write our email

And a literal “et voilá” later… we had our response teady to be sent to our kind French user. Our extension took our core message, expanded out our main points and filled them with more meaning and purpose.

Small details can truly make the difference in any marketing or general communication strategy: proving your customers how much you value them will certainly bring a positive impact to your professional routine.