Prioritizing the Impact of Content

Mark is a former journalist currently working as a copywriter in the UK.

He told us about the decision that has ultimately changed his life: he went from working as a reporter to becoming a freelance copywriter to both produce impactful, personalized content, and spend more time with his family.

As a copywriter, he now has much more freedom and room for creativity. He works very hard to enhance the value of his marketing efforts: his mission is to increase the value of different brands, hit the right spots with his writing in order to grab his target audience’s attention, and, of course, to produce content that is high in both quality and versatility.

Accurate and clear writing is essential for any type of communication, whether it is for formal or informal purposes. It can help to convey the intended message, and can be appreciated by both potential customers and writers themselves.

Mark has also found that making sure his workflow was shorter and more effective is important if he wants to put out the best work possible. By streamlining his process, he was able to complete tasks more quickly and with fewer errors.

When working on a project, it is important to keep your work process short and simple. This will allow to move through the project with a quicker pace and avoid making rushed mistakes.

TextCortex as a Time Saver

Mark chose TextCortex as his personal AI writing companion and was pleased to discover the different ways his writing and creative process have been impacted ever since.

His priority was always to save time and not let his content suffer from lack of energy or inspiration. He used to spend 8h a day writing blog posts around various topics, from foot cremes to fintech software.

Such a process, if repeated in the long run, can have negative effects on both writers and their content: exhaustion will eventually lead to listlessness and irritability, while text will most probably be emptied of purpose, appeal and wit.

As soon as Mark started using TextCortex, the Blog Writing feature being his favorite, he has noticed the difference and positive impact of reducing the time spent staring at a screen full of words that struggle to come out the right way.

As a copywriter, he was suddenly able to produce engaging stories, descriptions and captions without draining himself or losing interest in the job he was so happy to rely on for a living.

Our Long Form Post Feature Will Work Wonders For Your Content

This feature is designed to enhance your written content and spark creativity whenever necessary: it will support the creation of long-form content, ideal for blog & copywriters, and provide tons of suggestions to emphasize the human nature of your text.

From 8h to 3h of Daily Work with TextCortex

With TextCortex, Mark could move seamlessly into the copywriting process without the traditional headaches around spending hours creating urges for the reader, thinking of how to find new ways to express the same concepts over and over again, waiting for the right ideas to just kick in.

Writing can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but with TextCortex, it can be made much easier and faster. TextCortex allowed Mark to create and edit his text quickly and effortlessly, without having to go through the hassle of editing individual words or paragraphs. This has allowed him to focus on the content and the message he wanted to convey through it, rather than on the process of writing it.