Having to Write 50+ Effective Product Descriptions

Kristin was one of our earliest customers from shopify.

A lovely lady who had started an eCommerce called www.infusionhomeinterior.com 2 years before our encounter. Her online shop successfully sells decorative items.

She had recently attended a course on best practices in digital marketing and had learned the importance of content and SEO for organic growth.

Kristin planned to add more than 500 new products to her shop and was standing in front of one, big challenge: writing both the descriptions and other descriptive long form articles to make her products appealing for her customers.

She was battling several different issues at the same time: time being wasted, underdelivering content partners, writer’s block, fatigue, products not being launched on time.

In her first step to tackle this challenge, she hired a marketing agency to produce the content she needed. After waiting for 6 weeks, after postponing her product launches and countless emails, she realized the situation was turning into a disaster.

The quality of written content was crucial to her and she eventually ended up noticing that she was selling and discounting with a broken and definitely not appealing grammar.

Discovering a New Approach to Creativity with TextCortex

Determined not to give up, in her second attempt she tried to create all the content on her own. She locked herself in her vacation house in Norway, away from her family, in order to focus on writing up to 12h a day:

“Imagine needing to write the product description of the 54th decorative pillow in your launch line. At one point everything sounds the same and it becomes difficult to come up with convincing words to make people want to buy the pillow”.

That was until she found out about TextCortex and started using it to spark her inspiration, make her work easier and erase the unpleasant feeling of having to start a project with a blank mind.

Kristin soon discovered a new way to work that felt much more refreshing, satisfying and productive.

She found that with our extra help and by taking some time for herself every day, she was able to be more creative and relaxed.

Product Descriptions Written in Seconds with 1.000+ Marketplace Templates

Our vast selection of 1.000+ AI templates are formulated to facilitate the production of various forms of written content, from blog articles, to emails and landing page outlines.

The TextCortex Marketplace offers an extensive variety of top-level prompts, grouped by category and occupation for easier filtering, all in a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, our users can develop their own prompt templates with ease through our user-friendly and intuitive template creator. This handy tool allows for customized templates to be published by anyone using our platform.

Our templates can be useful for an ecommerce owner in a number of ways: they can help save time and effort by providing pre-written content that can be used for creative and appealing product descriptions, marketing copy and even customer service responses.

This can be especially helpful for small business owners who may not have the resources to hire a dedicated copywriter.

Additionally, the templates can help ensure consistency in messaging across various channels, which can help strengthen the brand image and improve customer trust and loyalty.

ZenoChat: Fully Customizable Virtual Assistant

As an entirely customizable virtual assistant, ZenoChat can perform a wide range of tasks such as answering customer queries, providing product description recommendations and even managing an inventory.

Additionally, Zeno can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences by analyzing data from customer interactions. This can help the ecommerce owner make more informed business decisions and improve customer satisfaction!

Zenochat can also help e-commerce owners to identify areas where they can differentiate themselves to gain a competitive advantage by analyzing past sales data and current industry trends: the Web Search feature enables Zeno to gain a deeper knowledge about the recent events of our world and shape its responses accordingly to cater your needs.

Moreover, the Knowledge Bases section of our App allows our users to upload their documents and access information from them directly within ZenoChat: our AI companion will therefore be able to tap into a vast collection of information that is customized to meet your specific needs.

Imagine uploading a 450-page PDF document and fetching information from it in 10 seconds!

Ensuring Revenue While Staying Away from Stress with TextCortex

Ever since using TextCortex, Kristin’s work has been become so much easier and more enjoyable.

She no longer has to spend time making sure her product descriptions hit the nail on the head, and can easily find the words she needs, with all their nuances, whenever and in whatever text box she needs them.

The new approach to her daily work routine has positively impacted not only her job but her personal life and comfort as well, and in a really short time too.