The Value of Videos as Digital Assets

Our customer is a globally leading marketplace for digital assets, videos in particular.

They provide a complete set of tools, as well as predefined templates for buyers and sellers looking for video content, and they have been actively in business since the early 2000s.

Value through digital assets is created whenever an individual or an organization manages to find and use a type of content to generate revenue or achieve a business goal. Videos are ideal for this process: they can be informative, easily searchable, long or short and are adaptable to most platforms.

However, when it comes to videos, the written content that accompanies them is often as important as the visual that follows. Writing successful and unique video descriptions is an important part of creating an engaging online experience. They will help viewers understand the story being told, as well as provide valuable information about the content they’re watching.

The problem faced by our client, was that content marketers and other users on their marketplace were struggling to find appropriate templates fitting their content descriptions. The offer of different templates was incredibly vast but lacked the right description that would help them rank higher in Google search results and within their internal search.

TextCortex to Generate High-Grade Video Descriptions

TextCortex helped our client by offering them a custom fine-tuned text generation API for video descriptions based on Sophos models. Our customer was thus able to develop a video description process which created 5 different descriptions per video title and leveraged 6-team members to validate the best-fitting option on a million scale.

Video descriptions are a great way to add a both useful and personalized touch to your videos. Not only do they give your viewers a better idea of what's going on, but they can also be used to promote your content on social media or other websites.

Think of them as the equivalent of a magazine or newspaper headline: they should be designed to grab attention and increase revenues. They are also a great way to advertise yourself and/or your collaborators, lead your target audience towards your other social media platforms, website or business campaign.

Search Interest Increased by 43% with TextCortex

In the end, our client’s digital assets with descriptions crafted by TextCortex, were able to achieve an growth in organic search interest by 43% in comparison to assets that lacked a description.

Among the advantages of organic traffic is the fact that it’s targeted: whenever users visit your website after finding it on a search engine, their intent is clear and, if you play your cards well, they will easily convert to customers.

Search engines are the number one way for people to find what they’re looking for, that’s why bigger companies invest so much in SEO experts and advertising. However, getting organic traffic from Google is the best goal you could set for yourself or your business, as it will not require investing in ads.

Making sure your videos end up in organic search results should be a fundamental piece of your SEO strategy. That’s why written content is so important when paired with videos: decide for the most appropriate keyword, make sure to use it in the title and a few times throughout the description, especially in the first sentence.

Our client trusted our text generation API designed for video descriptions and was able to increase the organic search interest of his digital assets in an extremely short time. When TextCortex promises to make your daily work routine more efficient and to provide the best results, it delivers.

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