Understanding User Flows is Key

The benefits of email automation include the fact that it doesn’t require intervention, it’s great to nurture leads, increases brand awareness and can be an amazing asset to a carefully planned email strategy. That is why our customer has worked hard to implement the best email automation product.

The email automation software by our US-based customer is loved by more than 10.000 users. They have also been working on the integration of our text adjustment functionalities such as our rewriting and tone changing API.

As mentioned at the beginning of this case study, it’s crucial to focus on how users think and what they find appealing whenever planning any email strategy. Understanding user flows in relation to your product is key to turn new users into enthusiasts, promoters and ultimately customers/buyers.

Our customer faced an issue with their email automation product. After analyzing their user workflow, they realized that a crucial drop-off point in their journey was the moment when they needed to create the email content to sequence and automate.

From the user flow analysis, they have also noticed that 10% more people were signing up to use the software after they had sent their first email.

Creating the copy for an email can be a tedious and use case-specific task. That’s probably one of the reasons by users were often too impatient to finish the process of writing, which resulted in higher dropout rates from our customer’s email automation software.

Letting TextCortex Handle It

Our client thus decided to rely on TextCortex and its Email Generation API to offer their end users additional value, hoping an AI tool would be enough to make their experience less of a creative pain.

They ended up building and integrating an AI-writing assistant in their software right where their users need to create the first email.

They did so with the help of 4 simple questions about the following:

  1. Core goal of the Email
  2. Personalized details of sender’s company
  3. Value based proposition to be communicated
  4. Persuasive call to action

This data was eventually inserted into our Sophos-based email writing API endpoint and the results ended up being just one et voilà away.

Emails Ready in Seconds

TextCortex was able to provide an entirely revamped, easier and more appealing email writing experience. Our AI tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for users to compose and send emails.

The interface is sleek and modern, making it an attractive option for whoever is looking for an easy, efficient way to communicate.

With an entirely new workflow, our client could offer their user base a collection of three different “first drafts” in a matter of seconds and could motivate more people through that hard drop step of “creating the first email”, therefore increasing their chances to become paying customers.

Writing emails can be a pain, but if the success of your job depends on how easily other people are able to write them, you may want to give TextCortex a go. Let us handle it!

Learn more on this page: https://textcortex.com/text-generation-api