Email Automation is a Tough Job but Somebody Has to Do It

Email automation is the process through which emails (usually referred to as triggered or behavior-driven) and messages are automatically sent from any email service provider as a direct response to a specific user action (made or not made) on your website or web app.

This process allows marketers to schedule targeted messages, broadcasts, campaigns while taking off often boringly repetitive tasks off their to-do lists.

As of October 2022, our API customer has been dealing with more than 10.000 active users and has seen a negative effect of reusing the same 3.000 prewritten emails for their warmup.

New and inactive “cold” email accounts are one of the most prominent blocker in our client’s routine, as they almost always end up within a spam or promotional postbox and therefore are never read.

Many companies have come up with large databases full of prewritten emails to be sent out whenever a new account needs warming.

As another possible solution, such accounts are often entrusted to email warming services: their strategy consists of running automated email sequences over a timeframe of 1 to 3 months between a cold account and some others, to mimick human interaction.

However, the issue of needing an increasing amount of warmups to stay off the spam radar for longer periods of time, remains. In their email deliverability related job, our client is in constant need of a crucial factor: uniqueness.

TextCortex to Rewrite the Prewritten

Prewritten emails can surely be a valuable tool for keeping your communication as a company on track. By taking the time to create a prewritten message, you can ensure that the latter is clear and concise. Additionally, prewritten emails can save time and hassle when communicating with others about pre-selected topics. But how often is time actually spent rewriting what’s already been written?

Our client implemented our Rewriting API capabilities from our Velox and Aecus models to rewrite both prewritten email subjects and email bodies whenever their automated sequence sent out a message.

The TextCortex Rewriting API abilities have made sure to not only produce new email templates, but also to coat each of them with originality and character.

Email uniqueness is important in order to create a personal connection with the recipient. This is why it is crucial to keep your email content unique and to focus on the specific needs of your target user base. This will support the creation of a strong relationship with your clients and, at the same time, build trust.

Deliverability Metrics Reached 7 Days in Advance with TextCortex

The email automation product developed by our customer is loved by more than 10.000 users. This has put a lot of responsibility over their communication style.

Warmup services are part of their pricing differentiation and an increased email deliverability was a crucial goal to reach in order to help their end users to really drive results with their email marketing strategy.

Ever since relying on the TextCortex API models, our client has been able to significantly increase the number of emails sent each day, without ever cutting down on quality.

Our AI tool takes several factors into account when producing content, the priority always being dodging spam algorithms. It makes sure emails are not overly promotional and that they don’t contain too many links or capital letters. It focuses on using relevant keywords in both your subject line and the body of the email, while conveying any message clearly and concisely to ensure that the recipient finds the message and feels like replying to it.

Ultimately, TextCortex has allowed our client to reach the previously set deliverability metrics 7 days in advance, improving the overall warmup delivery by 18%.

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