When Marketing Automation Meets Viral

What is a marketing automation software, you ask?

Well, it’s basically a program that efficiently streamlines the marketing processes associated with any digital marketing campaign. It can take your mind off of tasks such as social media posting or email marketing, while providing a more personalized experience for your customers.

In fact, a good marketing automation software also gives you a behavioral analysis of your audience, adding your prospects’ actions to the data your marketing strategy needs to be successful.

The marketing automation software of our customer is used by more than 1.000 customers.

The program is a research platform for marketers to build their content strategy after exploring highly engaged and viral posts from common social media platforms.

Our client wanted to offer their end users the option to repurpose such viral postings and help them add value and meaning on top of them. That’s how they started building the necessary features partnering with a popular GPT-3 based AI writing tool that, however, resold their access to GPT-3.

After receiving the first monthly invoice, our customer was shocked by the monthly prices resulting from the AI writing tool selling their company at a 30x markup to the base costs of GPT-3.

TextCortex to Create Value Cost Efficiently

While searching for alternative text generation APIs, our cluent came across TextCortex and its APIs: our expert Sophos models for longform article writing, blog writing and our Aecus model for rephrasing.

Among the most unique characteristics TextCortex offers, is its non GPT-3 based, custom-made nature: the more the tool is being used, the more it gets accustomed to a certain writing style and is able to generate more personalized outputs. This process will revolutionize any writing process and offer a completely revamped, easier, faster workflow.

We promise to help you save up in terms of time, stress and money: we will take off about 70% of work from your shoulders, generate suggestions fast and do it all while keeping the cost-benefit ratio balanced.

The Difference Made by TextCortex

By relying on our experienced models, our client cut down costs by more than 30x as TextCortex helped them deploy smaller & more cost-efficient models for smaller use cases.

An example is given by the paraphrasing feature that comes with our Rewriting API, or the more creative writing made possible by our TextCortex LongForm API, which was trained on 20m on the most engaged articles online.

Today, the TextCortex-powered AI creation is one of their most engaged features, with over 2000 daily interactions.

There’s a lot that marketers can learn from viral articles and social media posts, as they provide quite a significant amount of data that can be included in future marketing strategies. Such posts tell the story of the most relevant topics being discussed, what kind of communication draws the most attention, trending jokes, memes, what’s perceived as controversial, and so on.

Your audience and potential customers constantly speak to you and it’s important to catch up on their needs so that you’re able to deliver the right content at the right time. This will lead to building trust and create an environment in which your prospects feel acknowledged.

Read all about the TextCortex API documentation: https://textcortex.com/text-generation-api